Uncle Bryan (William Bryan Logan, b. 11-22-1897 in Thorsby, AL., d. 11-19-1976) rarely talked about his home in AL. But about three weeks before his death he told about a cousin, a Miller, who had been governor of Al. in the 1930’s. Uncle Bryan and his brother, John, had come to Lookout Mountain, where Uncle Bryan met and married Edith Virginia Moore about 1922 when she was 16 years old. Edith was a beautiful woman and he loved her dearly.

Uncle Bryan had completed the third grade, but finished high school with a correspondence course. He was the most intelligent man I ever knew and possessed a photographic memory.

Uncle Bryan and Aunt Edith, like many others, moved near Oak Ridge, TN when it was under construction during WW II and eventually built a home in Kingston, TN. He was the head of the electrical department at Union Carbide at Oak Ridge and had complete responsibility for the entire electrical department including the hiring of all the electricians. As a young man, Bryan’s son, Elvin, jokingly said he didn’t know how much money his father made, but he knew it was more than anyone else in Kingston.

Edith Virginia Moore Logan, b. 6-19-1906 in Bade County GA., d. 1963, was the first child of Bert Clement Moore and Kathrine Driggs Moore. One of Bryan and Edith’s first homes near Edith’s mother and father was in New Salem. The old log cabin still stands on the property of Ernest Hawes. My mother, Evelyn, says Uncle Bryan spoiled Aunt Edith. Every season she would have a completely new wardrobe, going to Loveman’s or Miller’s and spending several hundred dollars on clothes. She also like hats and would visit the hat shops in St. Elmo; trying on 40 or 50 hats and would come home with several of them. She belonged to several social clubs in Kingston and enjoyed playing bridge with her friends.

Aunt Edith was one of the first women we knew to smoke in public and get away with it! She had a way about her that was special. Aunt Edith succumbed to cancer at age 56 and although she had lived in Kingston many years, it was her wish to be buried in New Salem. Her obituary listed the following cousins and friends as pallbearers: Frank Massey, Hugh McKaig, Scott Gray, Walter Bradford, Herman Moore, Malcolm Moore, Felix Matthews and Ralph Moore. Honorary pallbearers were: Paul Craig, Ernest Hawes, Ronnie Whitaker, Grady Bradford, Cecil McKaig, John McGuffey, Roy Moore, Bud Haygood, K. C. Adkins, Carl Baker, Harold and Lewis McKaig.

Bryan and Edith were the parents of four boys:

Gerald Milton Logan, b. 1-16-1925, d. 7-26-1991, was a veteran of WW II and served in the U.S. Navy from 1943 until 1952. His grave marker at Hawkins Cemetery reads: Gerald Milton Logan, MM 3, U.S. Navy. When he returned home he married Shirley McGuffey Whaley who is the daughter of John Gordon McGuffey and Mary Hise McGuffey. Her family had come to New Salem in 1923. Shirley had two sons by a previous marriage who were Harold (Harry) and Gordon (Gordy) Whaley. Gerald and Shirley were the parents of two sons: John Gerald and Carl Scott.

Robert (Bob) Bryan Logan, b. 2-25-1933, d. 11-20-1991, married Geneva Hicks who was born in Roane Co TN on 6-8-1958. Their children are Martin Bryan, b. 5-17-1961, Norman Bradley, b. 6-11-1963 and Edith Virginia (Scoter), b. 10-20-1970. Bob retired from the U.S. Army after 21 years of service as a master sergeant. He and Geneva made their home near Etowah, TN.

James (Jim) Elvin Logan, b. 9-16-1938, married first Bettye Sue Mills and their children are Beth and Wesley who are now living in Las Vegas, NV. Elvin retired from the U.S. Air Force at age forty two as a full bird colonel. He now lives in Irvine, CA.

William Adrain Logan, b. 10-18-1951, was given everything by his elderly father after his mother’s death. One of his toys was a go-cart. Adrain had a wreck on this go-cart which put him in the hospital for several days. He was later involved in a terrible automobile accident. He and several friends were returning a friend to college at UTK when the car in which they were riding struck a bridge imbrutement on the interstate. Several were killed and Adrain sustained sever head injuries and was in the hospital many weeks. When he was finally released from the hospital and after some recuperation time, left Kingston. He is now a roamer; living on the west coast moving from California to Alaska, and is rarely heard from. (Submitted by Virginia Pennington Scruggs)

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