Lott and Elizabeth Bradford

Lott Edward (1861-1934) was the second son of William Jackson Bradford and Nancy Jane Warren. He was born and reared on Lookout Mountain. He married Sarah Elizabeth Allen (1873-1929), September 18, 1887. He is the one member of his family that made his home in the valley. We were told that he came looking for his herd of hogs which had strayed off the mountain. He came to the Allen home, met, courted and married the pretty young daughter. Their last home is in Johnson Crook, built by Lott and his brother, John. John married Sarah’s sister, Lula.

Sarah Elizabeth was the second child of William Robert Allen (1850-1910) and Sarah E. Bullard. Robert’s father was John Allen (1824-18S2) who was the son of Hiram Allen of DeKalb County, Alabama. His mother was Elizabeth Harris.

Elizabeth was the daughter of William M. Harris, Sr. (1804-1875) and Martha Roddy (1805-1878). Martha was the daughter of John Roddy and Elizabeth Houston who were married in 1791.

Sarah E. Bullard’s parents were John Bullard born in 1806 and Sara E. Goss (or Goff) who were married in 1842.

John Allen died in the war between the states and is buried at Arlington Cemetery. Elizabeth is buried at Miller Cemetery, east of Rising Fawn, Georgia.

Lott lived most of his life in Dade County. He was a blacksmith. He also bought timber, cut and sold it for lumber. He made cross ties for the railroad. He cut his own logs to make lumber to build his own home. This home still stands in Johnson Crook and is known as the Bradford house. Lott was a small man (weighed 140 pounds), was a hard worker, raised his own crops for food as well as cotton and swine for the market.

Elizabeth or “Lizzie” as she was lovingly called was a little lady. She played the organ and many are the memories her children and friends gathered as they met to sing and fellowship in that home. Many of her family, down to the present generation are known as good singers and musicians.

Among the more than two hundred listed descendants of this couple are farmers, barbers, educators, builders, business persons, politicians, engineers and students of higher education. In fact, you name an occupation and you can possibly find someone with Bradford blood to meet the need.

Only two of this couple’s children still reside in Dade County; Carl and Dewey. Their youngest sister, Dorothy Reeves, lives in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia.

Jack, Noah and Leeta spent most of their lives in Jefferson County, Alabama. Noah retired from the railroad to Florida.

Bennett, Gordon and Elizabeth lived many years in the Chattanooga area.

This family meets in October each year to stay in touch and carry on the tradition of a family reunion.

The direct descendants of Lott and Lizzie Bradford now number more than two hundred thirty five and more expected.

Written by Margaret C. Bradford Rising Fawn, GA 30738

  1. Ellis Forrester

    Arlington Cemetery has no burial record of a John Allen who served in the Confederate Army. If he is buried there, it is in a mass grave of unknowns. The last record of John Allen in the National Archives is of his transfer in Culpepper. VA 1965. There is a mention of a Confederate soldier named John Allen who died in a yankee prisoner of war camp at Point Lookout, Maryland. There is no way of knowing if that is our ancester.

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