TRIBUTE TO JOAB MCCOLLUM Brother McCollum was born October 19, 1807 in Pendleton District South Carolina and died in great peace at his home near Morganville, Georgia December 31, 1893.

He was twice happily married and both wives preceded him to the Land Of The Good.

He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. He acted in good faith with the church for 72 years and most of that time he acted in the capacity of a steward or a class leader. He was always loyal to his church and preacher.

He moved with his first wife from South Carolina to Georgia in Dade County over sixty years ago and since that time has been in the bounds of the church and the Holston Conference.

He founded Sarah’s Chapel Church which became a prominent appointment on the Trenton Circuit and many of our preachers will remember preaching there, and knowing and loving Brother McCollum.

His mother Sarah, in whose honor the church was dedicated, was the first person to be buried in the cemetery there. The church house has been moved and his remains will rest in the same place where the first church once stood.

He resided four years among the Indians as a pioneer minister and before there were any church buildings he opened the door of his home and it became a regular preaching place for all denominations.

He was the father of seventeen children, fifteen of whom grew to adulthood. There are nine of these children dead and eight are still living. We can say without hesitation that his was a noble family.

Brother McCollum was one of the best citizens that Dade County ever had, this is attested in the number who are attending this funeral.

I have never felt so free to talk in all my ministerial life, for there is no

Doubt but that he was a true man, a faithful Christian and a law abiding citizen.

When we all get up to that beautiful land beyond, we will find Brother McCollum there, rejoicing with the saints at the throne of God.

To his children and many friends we tender our condolences an sympathy.

J. A. Darr

Submitted by Glenda Ramsey

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