John N. McCollum

TRIBUTE OF RESPECT In memory of our late brother and friend, John N. McCollum

He was born Oct 10, 1830 in Habersham County Georgia and moved with his parents at the age of three years to Dade County, Georgia, where he lived until he was grown. At age 23 years he was married to Miss Sallie A. Ro(d)gers and to this union was born 10 children, seven of whom are still living.

He professed faith to Christ at the age of 10 years and united with the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and lived a loyal, consecrated member until God called him home to his reward on September 27, 1921.

He labored in the Master’s vineyard for over 80 years, he was depended on always in his church. He was a constant reader of the Bible and was one of the best posted men in the country. His charity took in the whole human race. He was a loving companion and an affectionate father. He was cheerful to the end and his friends were numbered by his acquaintances.

We have known Uncle John, as he was always called, for nearly thirty years, during which time we never saw anything in his life that was not commendable in a Christian and as a citizen he was loyal to his country.

In 1858 he moved to Pike County, Arkansas and in 1861 he went into the Civil War and was made Captain of the first company from Pike County. He was elected to the Arkansas legislature representing Pike County.

In 1869 he moved with his family to Izard County Arkansas near LaCrosse.

He joined LaCrosse Lodge No. 312 of Free and Accepted Masons as a charter member and was honored to every station in the lodge which he filled with honor to himself and credit to the fraternity. He has been an honorary member for several years but his wise and safe council was sought by the brethren at all times.

His death is our loss but his gain. To his children and relatives we would admonish them not to mourn as one who has no hope, but to imitate the example that he set for them. We know of a truth that if a tree be cut down, that it will sprout again. We rejoice in the hope of that sprouting and in the resurrection of a new life, to be transplanted in the likeness of Christ, there to dwell throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity.

The lodge has lost a most estimable and worthy brother, but bow in reverence to the will of him that doeth all things well and that this lodge put on the usual badge of mourning for thirty days and that a page on our records be dedicated and a copy of these resolutions be spread thereon and a copy be sent to the Times for publication.

J. G. Jennings

J. L. King

J. W. Wammack


Submitted by Glenda Ramsey.

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