John Miller, Sr. was born December 25, 1803 in Tennessee to James and Ruthie ? Miller. He married Nancy Mary Wilson in 1826, in Monroe County, Tennessee. Mary was born July 7, 1805 to Joseph Wilson in Tennessee. Joseph died in Bibb County, Macon, Georgia.

John and Nancy came to Dade County around 1837. They owned 420 acres near Rising Fawn. It lay by a little creek that drained into Lost Cove; it in turn, drained into Lookout Creek. They came from Monroe County, Tennessee, where their first four children were born. One of their sons, John Thornton, wrote an autobiography of his life and stated, “There is old Pleasant Grove log meeting house, and the school a mile away. Prof. A. R. Morrison is teaching. The house was a big pine-hewed log house with great cracks.” He also spoke of a church “Bird’s Chapel” in Dade County where he was baptized in 1861.

John and Nancy Left Georgia in 1859 and moved to Polk County, ? Arkansas, near Mena in a place called Board Camp. There they both died. John died August 6, 1878, and Nancy died August 31, 1866. Their children and grandchildren are as follows:

1. James Marvin, born January 26, 1827 in Tennessee, and died in the Civil War in 1864. He married Elizabeth ___________in Dade County Georgia around 1851. She died March 21, 1864, in Polk County, Arkansas. They had four children; Quillan, born in Georgia in 1852; Elizabeth, born in Georgia in 1856; Nelson, born in Georgia in 1858; and Robert, born in Arkansas in 1864.

2. Joseph W., born May 11, 1829 in Tennessee. He married in Dade County, Georgia and then moved to Polk County, Arkansas in 1858. His wife died in 1859. They were the parents of Mary J., born October 1853 in Georgia; Nancy E., born April 1855 in Georgia; and John William, born 1859 in Arkansas, Joseph W. died January 26, 1903, in Clark County, Arkansas.

3. Elizabeth A. was born June 7, 1832, in Tennessee and Married Casper Marion Tatum in 1849. They had one daughter, Betty, who died at her birth of April 24, 1850. She was buried in Dade County, Georgia. Casper Marion remarried and had several more children. Their daughter, Nancy L. Tatum, married Isaac C. Lewis on November 12, 1871 in Rising Fawn, Georgia. They had eight children. The first two, George L. and Marion J., were born in Dade County, Georgia. The other six were born in Polk County, Arkansas. Nancy Tatum Lewis died December 20, 1918, in Board Camp, Polk, County, Arkansas, near Mena.

4. George G. was born August 7, 1834 in Tennessee and died 1854 in Polk County, Arkansas. He married Martha J. Davis around 1854 or 1855 in Georgia. Her parents were William and Margaret Davis. George died December 14, 1903 in Polk County, Arkansas. Martha died August 28, 1901 in Polk County, Arkansas. They had ten children.

5. Mary J. was born March 22, 1837 in Rising Fawn, Dade County, Georgia. She married Nathan Stafford, who was born 1804 in Polk County, Arkansas. They had one child, Georgian Dora, born September 18, 1871 in Board Camp, Polk County, Arkansas. Mary J. died November 10, 1899 in Polk County, Arkansas.

6. John T. was born October 13, 1839 in Georgia, and died February 6, 1921 in Polk County Arkansas. He had married Sara L. Russell, on December 1860. Sara was born January 1843. They had five children: Cansada, Josephine, George, Wallace and Vernon. John T. married a second time to Joan Lackey in 1877, and they had five children.

7. William A. was born February 25, 1842 in Rising Fawn, Dade County, Georgia. He married September 4, 1864 to Manervia Fleming in Polk County Arkansas and died June 18, 1915 in Polk County Arkansas. They had ten children: Joseph, James, Etta, Nancy, Maude, Roland, Anna Laura, Frank and William Abe. Of the ten, Jo, Nancy, Laura, Frank and William died at a young age. William married a second time to Rebeca Johnston in Greenwood, Sebastian County, Arkansas, and they had Ritha F., born March 31, 1888 and Coy Clifton, born June 3, 1892. William still has a lot of descendants living in the Mena, Polk County, Arkansas area.

8. Columbus C. was born January 3, 1845 in Dade County. He married Melinda Wilson in 1868, in Polk County, Arkansas and died April 12, 1891. They had three known children, James J., born July 1869, Nancie M., born September 1870 and Gaillard, born May, 1888, and also a daughter named Glydas? (no proof).

9. Hiram Douglas “Dug” was born July 5, 1847 in Dade County. He married December 4, 1884 to Martha Ellison in Polk County Arkansas and died De ember 24, 1901 in Polk County. They had six children: Clustie, Agnes, John, Roy, Clifton and Hettie, all born in Polk County, Arkansas.

  1. Miller Harrell

    I would love to hear more and find out if anyone continues to look into the ancestry of the Miller family. I am the grandson of John Owen Miller (1910-1982) and am trying to follow the Miller line. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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