When the first Dade County census was taken in 1840 there were three Morgan names listed as heads of household: two brothers John and William and William’s son Manoes. John and William were the sons of Benjamin Franklin and Sarah Frances Perry Morgan of the Pendleton District of South Carolina. Both grandfathers of the Morgan brothers were South Carolina Revolutionary War Veterans, Thomas Morgan and William Perry.

John’s wife, listed in the 1850 and 1860 census, was Mary Ann. She may have been a second wife, since other unverified sources list his wife as Frances Mahley. From the birth dates of his known children, John was in South Carolina in 1820 and 1821 and in Tennessee when Benjamin was born in 1830. There was a John Morgan on the tax record for Monroe Co., TN, District 13 who owned no land. This was the county and district that Jesse Byrum, husband of Nancy Morgan, lived. Nancy was William and John’s sister.

John was one of three of Benjamin F. Morgan’s children who was not living in Pendleton when his estate was settled on Mar. 24, 1837. He received a colt, heifer, and a sow, worth $27 as his portion of his father’s estate.

There are only three identified children even though the 1840 census of Dade Indicates there may have been more. John Jackson Morgan born Dec. 11, 1822; married to Elizabeth Matilda Ellison; 8 children John Jackson and his father purchased Lot 41, Sec. 10 from Ansel Smith. The family was living in the county when the censuses were taken for the years 1850 through 1870. John, the father, was listed on the 1860 census but not the 1870 census, so we believe he died before 1870. It was only a short time before John Jackson sold the land in Dade and moved a few miles to Jackson Co., Alabama. By 1880 some of his children were in Kentucky following the coal mining and some had gone to Arkansas. John had died before 1900 and Matilda Elizabeth and the remainder of the children moved to Arkansas.

Frances Denarie Morgan born Dec. 17, 1821; married to Ansel Smith; 13 children. Ansel purchased Lot 44. Sec. 10 and the couple lived there the remainder of their lives. Ansel died on March 4, 1891 and Fannie applied as the administrator in May of that year. She died on Feb. 9, 1899. Both are buried near their home in Lot 7 of Summit Cemetery on Highway 299 near the Tennessee border.

Benjamin Levi Morgan born Mar 10, 18321 married Surletha Ann Martin daughter of Tavner and Cynthia League Martin; 7 children. Benjamin was one of the first members of the Masonic Lodge in Dade, appearing on the role in 1853. Benjamin and his brother-in-law, George Washington Cannan Martin, bought Lot 29 of Sec. 10. Highways 124 and 159 intersect where this farm was located. Benjamin sold his half interest to his brother-in-law and moved his family to Fannin Co., TX in 1859. It took hearty people to make this journey of almost 1000 miles in a home made wagon pulled by oxen. There were three children: one five year old son, one four year old son, afflicted with St. Vitas Dance (i.e., cerebral palsy) , and an 18 month old baby girl who died and was buried by the road side. Benjamin moved from Texas, where he had served in the Confederate Army, to Arkansas and finally to the Oklahoma Territory. He is buried in New Hope Cemetery near Tecumseh, Oklahoma. His wife, Surletha, is buried in King Cemetery near Mulberry, AR. William, born Feb. 14, 1791, and his wife Rebecca Edwards , daughter of William and Nancy Edwards, born April 11, 1793, had seven children: Manoes, born June 4, 1813, named for his uncle, married Isabell Clementine (Ibbie) Killan, daughter of William T. KILLIAN and Elizabeth BOST; No children. Manoes and Ibbie are buried at Sarah’s Chapel Cemetery. Nancy MORGAN born 29 Jan 1817 married: James Alexander Hartline son of George HARTLINE and Elizabeth (Betsey) BOSTAIN; 11 children Francis MORGAN born 1820 SC. Married Jehu T. BOSTAIN, son of Jacob BOSTAIN and Bertha STEWART 8 Children Frances is buried in the Baptist Cemetery in Trenton, GA Jane E. MORGAN born 12 Jan 1822 Married Benjamin Franklin KILLIAN, who was a brother to Isabelle Killian, wife of Jane’s brother Manoes 11 children She is buried in Newport Cemetery in Clay Co., TX Rebecca A. MORGAN born 16 Jul 1823 Married: William C. WADE who was killed during the Civil War They had 3 children. Rebecca was buried in Sarah’s Chapel Cemetery. Ruel Asbury MORGAN born: Jan. 4, 1826 Henry Co., GA married Laura Ann STREET daughter of William STREET; 12 children. The town of Morganville was named for Ruel. He and Laura Ann are buried in Sarah’s Chapel cemetery.

Thomas Jefferson MORGAN born 1836 Henry Co., GA married Mary Jane SMITH daughter of Henry and Ellander SMITH; 9 children. Thomas is buried somewhere in Texas.

A total of 54 grandchildren born between 1837 and 1882.

William was one of the few men who drew land in Dade Co. during the Cherokee Land Lottery of 1832 who actually lived on the land he drew. He drew Lot 222, Sec. 10 and he and Rebecca lived there until their deaths. They are buried in the adjoining Lot 223 in Bates Cemetery in land that belonged to their grandson-in-law, Ezekiel Henry Bates. Bates was married to Sarah Elizabeth Morgan, daughter of Ruel A. Morgan. In spite of the rules governing Georgia Land Lottery, requiring that one could only draw land in one lottery, it would appear that William, living in Effington County, drew land in Applington Co. in 1820, in Henry Co. in 1821 and in Dade Co. in 1832. The 1830 census places the family in Henry County, GA, living next door to Rebecca’s brother, Ruel Edwards. The family was in Dade Co. in 1837 when William received $40 from his father’s estate.

The Morgan family was in the 1840 and 1850 census for Dade County. William died June 18, 1855 and his farm was sold for $1,500 to the highest bidder, Robert A. Tatum. Rebecca and her widowed daughter, Rebecca Wade, continued to live together. By 1870 Rebecca was living with Ruel and his large family. She owned $800 in real estate. On Nov. 28, 1874 Rebecca died and is buried beside William in the Bates cemetery. Their markers are extant.

  1. DVBrown

    Glad to see such an extensive listing
    and information about Dade. My
    Dad, James R. Killian was the son
    of James Franklin Killian b.1872 d.1913 of Dade Co.
    and my Grandmother Ibbie Elsie
    Morgan Killian b.1879 d.1936was from Dade Co.
    Both are buried in the Sarah Chapel
    Cemetery, Trenton. Does this Book
    include any information on these two families?
    Cemetery in Trenton. I have done
    the Genealogy on this family

  2. alicemc

    I don’t have anything on those families at this time. I’ve created a list of the articles that mention ‘Killian’

    ……….Individual & Family…..
    — — Dickerson, Jamie Lee Forester Family
    — — MORGAN |

    ……….KYTE, Lola M……..


  3. alicemc

    I have added a new article about Killians that may be helpfull. See “KILLIAN, THE DESCENDANTS OF WILLIAM THOMAS “

  4. Jo McPhail

    What connection, if any, did Thomas Jefferson Morgan b. 1836 have to other Morgan families living in Henry Co., GA 1835-1840 time period?

    I have Morgans who were in Henry Co., GA mid-1830’s. Would like to compare notes to see if there was a connection.

    Has there been a dna on your Morgans from Henry Co., GA?

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