Minnie was the daughter of Dauswell Herd Rogers and Mary Ann Ross (Sullivan). She was born March 7, 1879 in Trenton, Dade Co., GA She married William Mahan July 1, 1897 at Trento Ga.

William (Willie) was born October 20, 1873 at Ascalon in Walker Co. Ga. There is some indecision as to his middle name. Some believe it was Alexander and others Arthur. He was the son of Wilburn Jasper Mahan and Sarah Jane West.

Their home was in Piney Grove, at the foot of Sitton’s Gulch, beside the community church. Their home was one of the most up-to-date of its kind. It was probably the first house in Dade Co. to have carbide lights. It was built around the turn of the 20 century.

They had five children. The first child was Dauswell Rogers born April 22, 1898. He married Minnie Mae Ford January 1, 1925. She was born September 20, 1893 in Decatur, TN. He died January 23, 1961 and she died October 23, 1975. They are buried in Hamilton Co. TN. They had two children: D. R. Mahan, Jr. married June Ann Cooly, 3 children; Deborah Jean married Kenneth Michael Wallis, 3 children Kenneth Michael, Jr. Rebecca Mahan, and Celia Ford. D. R.’s second child is Stephen Cooley who married Nicole Hohoheim, 3 children Iris Amanda, Matthew Eben, and Genevieve Anna. The third child is Mark Rogers Mahan married Leah Merrill, 2 children Sara Elizabeth and Luke Merrell. D. R.’s daughter is Celia Ann who married James Edward Hill, Minnie and Willie’s second child, James Columbus was born May 17, 1900 in Trenton, Ga. He married Bertha Ester Smith November 20, 1928. She was born March 29, 1904. He died August 19, 1985 and she died September 22, 1960. They are buried in Payne Cemetery. They had five children: Elora Ann had a daughter Deborah Lee who had a son James Calvert who married Samantha. She also had a son Micheal Douglas Flanagan married Julie has 3 children Keisha Lynn, Alaisha Marie Elora, and Micheal Grady. Virginia Lee is the second daughter of Jim and Bertha (She has a daughter Cheri Ann married Walter Ray Mann -2 children Wally, Jr., 2 children Armiston and Talon; Tim , 1 son Ashton Kale.) Mark Allen married Virginia Jo Carter, 2 children Lisa Gail and Mack Allen, Jr. married Jimmie Ann, 1 daughter Mackaza Faithann. James Columbus, Jr. was their youngest son. His wife at time of death was Crystal. He has one daughter Linda Fay (Her mother was Shirley). Her husband is Gary Peterson, 2 children, Kelly Michele and Jessie Dawn. Their fifth child was Freddie Geneva born September 29, 1942 and died April 28, 1943. She is buried at Payne Cemetery.

Freddie Green was born May 29, 1903 the third child of Minnie and Willie (see Edith and Fred Mahan).

Cordia Lee was born July 3, 1905 in Trenton, Ga. She married Litt William Bryant (born May 9, 1892) May 5, 1963. He died January 22, 1968 and is buried next to his first wife at Forest Hills Cemetery in St. Elmo, Tn. Cordia died March 13, 1991. She is buried at Payne Cemetery.

Their youngest child was Gladys Novella who was born January 17, 1912 and died April 30, 1914. She is buried on the family property in Piney Grove.

Minnie died November 17, 1927. Willie died May 8, 1917. They are buried at Payne Cemetery. (Submitted by Janie Mahan, P.O. Box 56, Wildwood, Ga. 30747)

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