My Story, by Mildred Moore Pringle

Mildred Moore Pringle Family

Mildred Moore Pringle Family

I was born December 16, 1919 into the family of Art E. Moore and Effie Lee

Street Grandma Moore, Margaret Echols Moore, was the midwife and my aunt, Metta McCauley, took care of me and my mother. Aunt Metta gave me my middle name of “Louise” which means warrior. Uncle Bert Moore, the local Representative, signed the birth certificate which Dad had filled out. After 1919 a law was passed which required birth certificates for all children.

I graduated in 1937 from Dade County High School and then from Berry College in 1942. After teaching for a couple of years, my sister Lola and I went to Nashville, Tennessee to attend an air craft school. We were then assigned to Brookley Field Air Force Base in Mobile, Alabama where I worked with sheets of metal making replacement parts for damaged airplanes. Lola installed radar in planes, which was a secret at that time. It was then I met my husband, Donald E. Pringle. When he was sent to Burma I was released from my duty and moved to Everett, Washington where I lived with my in-laws, Lester and Esther Stephenson Pringle, until an apartment became available in their building for me to rent. Even though they owned the apartment building because of the war apartments were frozen and no one could be asked to leave without cause. Don was a photographer in the Signal Corps during the war and wanted to continue that as his profession. To increase his training we moved to Los Angeles while he attended Art school. That is where our two children, Kathleen Sue (May 9th, 1947) and Robert Charles (August 15th, 1948) were born. After completion of Art school we moved back to Everett, Washington where I upgraded my teaching credentials and taught 3rd grade for 25 years

When we retired, we moved to Sun City, Arizona, but divorced soon after. In the meantime I had become very active in AAUW and their President’s Association, The Presidents’ Council of Arizona, The Press Council, and also served as a Deacon in our Church. In 19921 moved back to Georgia and built a home on the property my parents had given me, living in the home where I grew up until my house was completed.

In Dade county I have a hundred first cousins and many more cousins and kin. My great grandfather was J. Jesse Moore who came from Tennessee with his bride Martha Bradford. Their offspring relates me to many Moores, Bradfords, Grays, Masseys, Matthews, McCauleys, Streets, Yorks and Hales. My daugher, Kathleen, a yoga teacher, is married to Gary Bonnell, an author and consultant, who has two daughters. They now live in Atlanta. My son, Bob, a fireman, lives in Seatde with his wife Tina Wilson Pringle. Their two children are Shannon, who was recently married to Stephen Hitch, and Bradley, a sophomore at Washington State University.

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