Benjamin F. Nabors was born 6 November 1824 in Alabama, the son of Benjamin Nabors and Mary “Polly” Sullivan. Benjamin Sr. was born in 1792 in South Carolina and Mary was born ca 1800 also in South Carolina.

Benjamin Nabors migrated through Georgia to Alabama where most of his children were born before finally settling in the northern section of Dade County. He probably came to the area shortly after 1840, as he was not listed on the Dade County 1840 census. However, a Balam Neighbors was on the 1840 census in almost the very same area as Benjamin. Whether or not this Balam was actually Benjamin is uncertain as the ages do not exactly fit. Nothing is known of Balam after the 1840 census and he could not be found on any Dade County deed records.

Benjamin Nabors Sr. purchased land lot 16, 10 district, in two separate transactions. Both transactions started with the owner, Isham Perkins (a Revolutionary War Soldier). However, it appears that Isham must have become ill before the transactions were finalized as it was stated in the deeds that he wanted his son, John B. Perkins, to complete the transactions with Benjamin. It is on this property where the small family cemetery is located that contain the remains of Benjamin F. Nabors, his wife, Harriett, and son Benjamin J. Nabors.

Benjamin Nabors and wife, Mary, had several children with the following list not in birth order:
Margaret born 4 March 1822 in Alabama. Margaret married David Tittle of the huge Tittle clan living in Dade County. Margaret and David removed to Hamilton County Tennessee living not too far from her parents in the Lookout Valley area. Margaret and David were the parents of several children with descendants scattered across the nation.
Margaret and David both died in Hamilton County and are buried in the Tittle-Foster Cemetery on O’Grady Road.
Benjamin F. Nabors… more on him later.
Martha Nabors born ca 1825 in Alabama; married a Wallin in Hamilton County Tennessee. She has descendants living in the area.
Bertha Nabors born ca 1830 in Alabama. No further information.
Barthana or Bartheny Nabors, who had to have been the oldest of the children or certainly one of the older ones, was born ca 1818. She married Warren/Norman Savage, probably in Warren County Tennessee. They were living in Hamilton County near the Georgia line in the Wauhatchie area. This would have put them near her parents. The family was listed on the 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 censuses of Hamilton County. Barthana, a widow on the 1880 census of Hamilton County, had several children but nothing more is known of her except she was the only child named in her father’s will other than the son, Benjamin F. Nabors, who was to serve as executor. In Benjamin senior’s will, he stated that his 100 acres in the north section of land lot 16, district 10, and all house hold furniture and animals were left to his wife, “Polly.” At her death all that remained of the estate was to go to his daughter, Barthana Savage, wife of Norman Savage, with the stipulation that it was to be hers free and clear without any claims that her husband, Norman Savage, might make.

It was interesting to note that nothing can be found in either the deeds or probate records regarding Barthana Savage. She did not move but the son, Benjamin F. Nabors, did receive the property that had belonged to his father. How he received it at the death of his mother is uncertain. Almost all of these records were lost in a courthouse fire in November of 1863 during the Civil War. Another “contained” fire that appears to have been in the Ordinary (now Probate) Office took its toll on most of what remained.
Hampton Nabors. Nothing is known of Hampton Nabors except that he married Mary Pettigrew and they were the parents of several children. It appears that Mary was widowed prior to 1870. Some of these children lived near Benjamin F. and Harriett Nabors in north Dade County and are buried in Wildwood Cemetery, Dade County
If there were any other children nothing is known of them at this time
Benjamin Nabors Sr. penned his last Will and Testament 3 September 1860 where it was recorded in Dade County Probate book. The following 17 September 1861, Benjamin F. Nabors supplied a bond in order to serve as executor of his father’s estate. In 1868 he applied to the courts to be dismissed as the estate had finally been settled. There are no records in between 1861 and 1868 that have been found to date.

Mary “Polly” Sullivan, wife of Benjamin Nabors Sr. was listed in the household on the 1860 census. Since she was named in the will of her husband, it appears that she did survive him but must have died sometime prior to 1870. She is not found on any censuses after 1860 nor is she in any records. Her death may have been one reason why the estate was not settled for seven years.

The graves of Benjamin Nabors and his wife, Mary “Polly” Sullivan Nabors have not been found. The land that was owned by the Nabors saw many camps both Confederate and Union plus minor battles during the Civil War. Because of the location of the property during the Civil War, any tombstones that might have been erected for them could have been destroyed. However, Mr. Jack Gill whose father and grandfather were former owners of this property stated that he had always been told that Benjamin Sr. and Mary might have been buried in the Magill Cemetery.

Benjamin F. Nabors married Harriet Magill in Hamilton County TN on 4 July 1869. She was the daughter of Hugh Magill and Rebecca Smith, prominent Hamilton County pioneers and landowners both in Tennessee and Georgia. The Magills are buried in the Magill Cemetery in Wauhatchie just a couple of miles north of the Tennessee-Georgia line.

Harriett, born ca 1840 in Tennessee, was much younger than her husband by approximately fifteen years. She inherited two land lots in Dade County from her father at his death. Harriett died 8 January 1909 in Hamilton County Tennessee.

Harriett Nabors died intestate. The family property, located in both states, was divided by common consent by the three brothers, Frank, Robert and James. Frank received the property where the cemetery is located. One note of interest in this deed conveying the property to Frank by the other two brothers was a clause that stated:

“It being understood that F. B. Nabors agrees to assist in keeping up seven gates on the road leading out through the old Harriet Nabors place to the public road leading from Chattanooga TN to Trenton GA, said roads being fully described in the deeds made to Robt H. and James C. Nabors to their respective interest in that portion of the old Nabors place lying in Georgia, also refer to in deeds made to that portion of said lands in Tennessee.” This deed was dated 23 August 1909 and signed by R. H. Nabors and J.C. Nabors. (Deed book Q, page 461 and 462, Dade County, Clerk of Superior Court Office)

A great grandson, Thomas Hixon, remembered these gates when as a child visiting the old farm with his parents, Bonnie Nabors Hixon and George W. Hixon.

Benjamin and Harriett were the parents of four known children. If there were any others they were born and died in between census years.

The known children were:

1. Franklin B., born 1872, died 14 September 1931. He married Jessie Jones in Dade County on 17 March 1912. He is buried in the Magill Cemetery and it is believed that Jessie later moved to Texas where she died and was buried. They had no children.

2. Robert Henry, born 1874, died in Sacramento, California in 1955. He married Nellie Hixon or Hixson in Dade County on 10 October 1897. When Nellie died on 24 November 1925, she was buried in the Magill Cemetery next to their children who died young. After her death, Robert was back and forth between Hamilton County and California. Robert and Nellie were the parents of twelve children. More on their children.

3. James C., born 1875, died in Meridian, Lauderdale County, Mississippi on 20 August 1956. James was a conductor for the “steam train” for many years. He married Cora Christina Grote in Meridian and they were the parents of at least seven children. He never moved back to the Dade County area.
Benjamin J. was born in 1878 and died on 5 June 1884. His and his father’s graves were the only two graves in the small Nabors Family Cemetery that had tombstones. Several years ago a tombstone was at the grave of Harriett. However, during a bad storm a huge Oak tree fell breaking her tombstone into many pieces. Benjamin and Benjamin J.’s were also broken in half but somehow the pieces survived to be moved when the graves were moved in July 2002 to the Sarah’s Chapel Cemetery.

Benjamin F. Nabors died in 1888. (Submitted by SF)

  1. Nell Beck Truitt

    The Nabors family were my ancestors, being the daughter of Benjamin and Mary Sullivan Nabors. She was Margaret Nabors, b.4 Mar 1822 in TN (1850 Census). She became the wife of David F(ranklin) Tittle about 1844 in Dade Co., GA. I will be happy for anyone to contact me about the family genealogy. Nell in Lewisville, TX.

  2. Nell Beck Truitt

    Margaret Nabors, daughter of Benjamin Nabors, Sr. and Mary Sullivan Nabors, b.4 Mar 1922 in TN (1850 Census), married abt. 1844, David F. Tittle b. 12 Nov 1817 in Warren Co., TN. During the Civil War around their home in Dade County, the opposing soldiers were pilferaging the families possessions and David protected them by warning the soldiers. They did not heed the words to go away, and David then took a shot and killed one of the men. David and family had to quickly depart the area, went into Alabama and after the war, purchased 350 acres on Elder mountain in Hamilton County, Tennessee. Jefferson Tittle, b. 25 Jul 1955 remembers his youth and the wartime, which has been relayed to us grandchildren and the family stories have been passed to next generations, and published int he book “Beck and Tittle Footprints” by J. Nell Beck Truitt, Ardmore, OK.

  3. Robert L. Nabors Jr.

    I been told there is a book that has our history if there is such a book how would I go about obtaining it? I would also like to learn more about our family history if anyone can help. I’m also looking for a family tree if it exist. I know that anyone with the Nabors last name is related to one another. I only have as far back as my Great Grand mother which is from Greenville South Carolina, I also know the street she lived on was named Nabors Way because of her. I would like more info of our family roots I know we are all spread out every where so if anyone can help me I sure would appreciate it.
    Robert Nabors

  4. kim donaldson

    Hi Nell,

    I am the granddaughter of Beulah Nabors Young,greatgranddaughter of Robert and Nellie Nabors and gg granddaughter of Benjamin and Mary Nabors. My mom and I have recently started looking into the family history, any info would be greatly appreciated.

  5. J. Nell Beck Truitt

    Some of the Nabors family members’ remains of Dade County, GA were reinterred in another cemetery about 6 years ago. You may contact me directly at

  6. terry neal

    desperatly looking for any photo/painting of a man named silas burke.
    he lived in burke va.from 1798-1854.
    there have been searches for this before without success,but i feel we must keep looking.
    silas burke was a prominent individuel in fairfax county va.
    if anyone has any info on a possible find , please contact me.
    terry neal 703-631-1333

  7. craig nabors

    My name is Craig Nabors, son of Carroll Hampton Nabors Jr., grandson of Carroll Hampton Nabors Sr., and great-grandson of John Benjamin Nabors of Wauhatchie. My father has told me stories of my realtives but would love to know my connection to this article if at all possible. (678)332-9070.

  8. J. Nell BECK Truitt

    Craig, we might share Nabors genealogy. Contact me at – Nell BECK

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