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Oval Tally Moore, son of Walter J. and Fannie Gray Moore, was born 6-17-1921.  Oval married Bertha Mae Lastering born 8-8-1925 on 5-24-1943. They live at New Salem and are the parents of two children.

1. Barbara Ann Moore born 8-21-1944 died 6-15-1963. She died as the result of injuries sustained in an auto accident.

2. Oval Tally, Jr. born 6-27-1946 married Vivian lone Clark. They had two daughters.

1. Karen Moore married Randall Lamar Harris. The Harris’ have two children: 1. Starla Lynn born 12-12-1983 and 2. Dallas Lee born 7-7-1985.

2. Cynthia Ann Moore born 8-11-1966 married Mark Courtney on 7-9-1988. They have two children, 1. Evan Blake born 1-23-1989 and 2. Tyler Reid born 7-15-1991.

Oval T., Jr. married 2. Paula Elaine Bishop. They are parents of:

1. Kimberly Gail Moore born 1-26-1972. Kimberly married Michael Wayne Stephens on 2-25-1989. Their children are 1. Michael, Jr. born 12-20-1989, and Dixie Marie born 7-18-1991

2.  Oval T, III born 4-15-1974 died 3-12-1978.

3. Amanda Crystal born 6-29-1979.

4. Nathan Daniel born 6-12-1981.


Written by Jo Ann Moore Roach

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