John Hocking and Ellander Prince

John Hocking Prince, Sr. and his wife Ellander, originally from South Carolina, migrated to Warren Co., TN about 1836. This family and the families of several of his adult children and their families moved from Warren Co., TN to Dade Co. about 1845. Ellander died between the time the 1860 and the 1870 censuses were taken. John died after the census was taken in 1870. In that census he was listed as blind and 70 years old living with his single daughter Matilda (Melinda).

John and Ellander had the following ten children and many of their descendants still live in the Dade Co. area.

Their eldest son, Greenberry, born about 1813, married Susannah Dykes, daughter of Isom and Prudence Choate Dykes in Warren Co. about 1836. They had ten children. Land records show that beginning in 1846 he was quite active in buying and selling land in Dade and the neighboring counties of DeKalb and Jackson Co., AL. Most of their lives Greenberry and Susannah lived in the Cole City area. Their last home was in Jackson Co. in the sections of land adjoining the Alabama – Georgia line. Susannah died after the 1880 census was taken and Greenberry died after 1892 when his last land transaction was recorded.

Lucinda, born about 1814, married John Gross, son of John Gross, about 1839 in Warren Co. In 1840 their home was between that of her father, John Prince and his father, John Gross. Using the data in the 1850 census of Dade we can determine that the family moved with the other Prince families in 1845. Lucinda died after 1860, however John was still living in Dade in 1880. They had six children.

Sanford Prince, born about 1816, married Joaner Thomas in McMinn Co., TN on December 18, 1838. He was somewhat of an adventurer. Family stories tell that he worked his way to France when he was quite young. In spite of the fact he had three small children at home he enlisted in Co. H of the 2nd Tennessee Regiment on June 16, 1846 and served in Mexico. The family was in McMinn Co. in 1850 and moved with the other Princes to DeKalb and returned to Dade with them before 1860.

Sanford was a strong Union sympathizer during the Civil War and collected money from the United States government for materials the Union Army confiscated from him during their movement through Dade. He also drew a pension for his disabilities received during his military service in Mexico. Sanford and Joaner had ten children. After her death he married Mrs. Elizabeth Duncan on November 28, 1877. He died in Chattanooga on January 10,1894 after a long, lingering illness.

Ellander married Patric Dutton while in Warren Co. and moved with the rest of the clan to Dade. The family was in the county in 1850 and moved to Tennessee before the 1860 census was taken.

Sarah married the widow, Joab McCullum in Dade in 1845. They had a total of nine children Sarah died August 25, 1882. She and Joab are buried at Sarah’s Chapel cemetery in Dade Co.

Hulda Prince married Jonathan Vickers, son of Joseph and Hannah Vickers, in Warren Co. about 1841. He bought Lot 152 in Section 10 and was living there when the 1850 and 1860 censuses were taken. From the places of birth listed for their eight children they were in Georgia before 1847.

Nancy, born about 1825, married Enoch Blakely on May 13, 1866 in Dade. The couple lived in the Cole City area until after 1880. They had no children.

Laura Jane, was born about 1828 and married William Martin Rennow about 1853 in Dade. There were five children born by 1862. After Laura Jane’s death, sometime after the 1870 census was taken, Martin married her twin sister, Matilda on Dec. 19, 1875. They had no children.

John H. (Jack) Prince, Jr. was the only one of John and Ellander’s children born in Tennessee. He was possibly born in Bedford Co., TN, before the family moved to Warren Co. He was living with his parents when the 1850 census was taken. Jack moved with his brothers to DeKalb Co. in the mid 1850’s and married Emery Sauls on June 18, 1855. The first two of their six children were born while the family lived in Alabama. They spent the next twenty years in Dade and moved to Jackson Co. in the late 1870’s.

In the 1860 census there was a William Prince, age 10, in John and Ellander’s household. Some researchers believe that he may have been a son, however the ages make this improbable. It is more likely that he was Nancy Prince’s son. William and family were living next door to Nancy and Enoch Blakely in 1880.


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