Rena (Higgins) Morrow was born in 1900 in the White’s Chapel Community, and was the daughter of Edward Eggleston Higgins and his wife, Rhoda (Blevins) Higgins. Rena Morrow lives to this day on the same property on which she was born. In 1900, her parents bought the house in which she was born. Her present home is not the same building, but a later one built on the same property. Rena married Robert Woodson Morrow.

Edward Eggleston Higgins was born July 3, 1870 in Bade County, Georgia. He died in 1950. His parents were John Washington Higgins and Loisa (Hale) Higgins. Edward Higgins married Rhoda Blevins (March 11, 1865-1943), the daughter of Jonathan Blevins and his wife Emily (Maxwell). Both John Washington Higgins and Jonathan Blevins brought their families to the White’s Chapel Community from Dade County, Georgia. John Higgins had first settled for a time in Johnson County, Texas. When he came to White’s Chapel,  he bought the place later owned by William P. Mitchel1.

Jonathan Blevins lived in a large and attractive house with painted decorations across the front. Rena remembers that several large oaks which stood east of the Blevins house were cut down to make way for the Pleasant Run-White’s Chapel Road. A child was buried on the Jonathan Blevins farm; she believes she was told it was a member of a family that was traveling through the community. She also remembers that Center Point Church stood east of her grandfather Blevins’s farm, on what once was known as the Tittle place, on property more recently owned by Burley Burdine. Rena (Higgins) Morrow’s grandparents, Jonathan and Emily Blevins, were buried in White’s Chapel Cemetery. Emily Blevins died in 1878. (GRAPEVINE AREA HISTORY, 1979. Submitted by Rena Higgins Morrow, Interview 1968 by Charles H. Young. Used by written permission, Grapevine Area Historical Society. Grapevine, Texas)

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