On January 24, 1978, a girl by the name of Shawna Lynn Riley was born. Her mother, Carolyn Riley, gave birth to her in a small hospital in Charleston, South Carolina as her father, Barry Lynn Riley, born August 4, 1947, waited patiently till he saw his last child; a five pound, four ounce baby girl.


Shawna has two brothers; the oldest, Joseph Carlisle was born March 16, 1971 and the youngest, Brian Alan was born March 4, 1973.


Shawna’s oldest living relative on her father’s side is her great grandma, Elizabeth Shaw Riley, born in Kingsport, Tennessee on May 3, 1930. Elizabeth Shaw Riley had a big part in naming Shawna.


The oldest living relative on her mother’s side of the family is her grandma, Beryl Alan Shrum, who was born on April 13, 1928 in Alan, Kentucky.


Shawna has lived in many places in her short life due to the fact that her rather was in the Air Force. Some of the places in which she has lived is Charleston, South Carolina; Whiteman, Missouri; Okinawa, Japan; Mountain Home, Idaho and now on Lookout Mountain in Georgia. (Submitted by Shawna Lynn Riley, Trenton, Georgia.)

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