50th Anniversary

Chefey Monroe Smith & Allie L. Mayhew Smith

Picture Taken November 28, 1962


Chefey and Allie had nine children. From left to right they are: Charles, Sue, Novella, Catherine, John, Ruth, Chefey Jr., Jean and Mary Jo.

Chefey’s father was James Monroe Smith. He married Georginia Lugenia Gober on January 4, 1880. They had four children: Elizabeth, Chefey, Martha and Deneria. Chefey Monroe married Allie Mayhew on November 28, 1912.


Chefey and Allie had eight children.

Chefey and Allie with eight of their children.

Chefey Smith served as Justice of the Peace from 1949 to 1953 hi Hooker, Georgia. He was a member of the Board of Education in Dade County for several years and drove the Dade County school bus. Chefey was also a Plumber, a farmer and a Steam fitter for Local 43 of Chattanooga. During World War II, Chefey worked in Charleston, South Carolina at the ship yards. He was an avid sportsman who enjoyed baseball and fox hunting among other sports.



Chefey was severely burned while working at Kale’s Bar Dam by a vat of hot tar that spilled over his entire body, which ultimately lead to an early death in February of 1963.




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