George Sutton

George Sutton and his family came to Dade County, GA in 1836. The Sutton, Payne, Wakefield, and Cartwright families came from the Smith and Jackson Counties in Tennessee, and were all related by marriage. They lived near each other in Southern Dade County.

George Sutton was born in either North Carolina or Elbert Co., GA on 9 February 1790. His parents were James Sutton, a Revolutionary War Soldier, and Martha Elizabeth Brown. James Sutton, who was born in NC between 1735 and 1747, died in Defeated Creek, Smith Co., TN in April of 1835. James married his first wife, Martha, in 1768 in Guilford Co., NC, and his second wife, Alsey McCluskey, in Elbert, GA in 1792.

The siblings of George Sutton were Colby, Abner, Logan, Jonathan, Joel, and Oneida. His half brothers and sisters were Edmund, James, Dempsey, Millicent and Nellie.

George’s family moved from Elbert Co., GA to Tennessee before 1812. The family, who lived in Defeated Creek, Smith County, TN, traveled several hours to attend the Church of Christ of Bagdad in Jackson Co. Many of those who attended this church were or would be related by marriage to the Sutton family. George married Elizabeth (Betsey) Cartwright on 31 October 1812 in Jackson Co. presumably in the Church of Christ of Bagdad.

Betsey Cartwright Sutton was born 22 August 1793 in NC. She was possibly the daughter of James and Jane Cartwright James died in Dade Co., GA before April 1849 because Jane filed a petition as “widow and relic* at that time. Richard Cloud Cartwright (b. 1802), Betsey’s brother, witnessed the will of James Sutton (above) as R. C. Cartwright and was the father of Clark Cartwright who served in the Confederate Army.

George and Betsey Cartwright Sutton had five children who were born in Jackson Co., TN and four moved with them to Dade County. They were Leroy Sutton was born on 12 July 1813 and died in Dade Co., GA in October 1874. Sophrenia Sutton was born 28 April 1816 and died about 1862 in Dade County. Jane Sutton was born 25 November 1817. Judith Sutton born 1 April 1818 and died 22 February 1820 in Jackson Co., TN. Mary Ann Sutton was born 16 March 1824 and died 6 July 1858 at Trenton, GA.

Leroy Sutton married (1) Elizabeth M, Young in Jackson County, Tennessee, on 28 November 1834 and (2) Kiziah Evelyn Pace on 19 September 1877 in Dade Co. His and Elizabeth’s children were Addavile White Sutton b. 13 August 1836 in Dade Co. married (1) George Washington Bacon on 3 July 1856 and (2) Richard L Martin. Joel Sutton (b. 23 May 1838) married Ruth (Unknown). Thomas Joseph Sutton (b. 9 October 1839) married Ruth Carmichael. James Montroville Sutton (b. 24 August 1841) married Elizabeth Carmichael February 1866. Eliza Jane Sutton (b. 27 September 1843) married Crockett Neal Carmichael on 13 September 1860. Margaret M. Sutton (b. 24 October 1847) married James Cole Naylor on 5 November 1873. George M. Sutton (b. 22 December 1849 and d. 16 March 1852.) William Howard Sutton (b. 23 August 1852) married Ella Faulkner on 27 January 1876. Sarah Elizabeth Sutton (b. 9 October 1854, d. 13 January 1946), married Thomas Tittle on 19 September 1877. Joel Sutton served as Dade County Clerk for many years.

Sophrenia (Sophia) Sutton married Silas Burke Wakefield on 14 February 1832 in TN. They had the following children, Mary Elizabeth, William, John A., George H., Martha Ann, Leroy Thomas, Nancy Henderson, Andrew C., Newton W., M. Jefferson. They are discussed in an article about Silas Wakefield.

Jane Sutton married Larkin Payne on 8 October 1835 in TN. Their children, as listed in the Dade Co., 1850 Census, were Sarah E. (age 22 TN), Mary A. (20 TN), Batty (17 TN), George (15 TN, Benjamin P. (12 TN), Leroy H. (12 TN), Matilda S (8 GA), John (6 GA), Nancy J. (4 GA), Martha E. (1 GA), Larkin was fairly wealthy according to the census and was a neighbor of Robert H. Tatum.

Mary Ann Sutton married Robert H. Tatum 17 August 1641 in Dade Co., GA. Robert H. Tatum (b. 20 October 1818 NC & d. 2 September 1887 at Rising Fawn, GA) was a judge in Dade County, GA for many years. Their children were George Hooper (b. 1 August 1842), Marion A. B. (b. 7 July 1845), Elizabeth “Betsey” J. (b. 1847), Sophia L. (b. 1849), William P. H. (b. 1849, Gaines Webster Marquis (b. 1852), Nancy A. (b. 3 January 1855), and Maryland America (b. 1 March 1857). Robert Tatum remarried after Mary Ann’s death. There may be other children from this marriage.

The Suttons were members of the Church of Christ, previously called the Union Congregation of the Christian Church and located just south of Trenton. George Sutton died in Dade County in 1879. His wife, Betsey, died in 1876. Both are buried the Payne Cemetery. His numerous descendants are found in Missouri, Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma.

Respectfully submitted by Daphne Harding


  1. bill sutton

    Big James Sutton and wife Martha Brown are the parents of my Abner Sutton, who was born in N.C. and lived for a time in the Broad River area of east Georgia. He married Elizabeth Wilkins and later moved to Smith County, Tn. Before 1830 he moved to Madison County, Alabama and then about 1840 came to Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. He is in the 1850 Tuscaloosa census, along with Dempsey, Shelby, William, and George Sutton (my g-g-great grandfather). My great-great grandfather Henry Jackson Sutton and his father George moved to Mississippi (near Webster County) after the Civil War. My great grandfather came back to Alabama and lived the rest of his life in Pickens County, Alabama, as did his son Charley Sutton. My father was Leon Sutton and my name is Billy Sutton, and I live south of Tuscaloosa. Many of my Sutton families attend Churches of Christ; however, I am active in a Baptist church.

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