The information for this article came from the Beckham Family Bible, census records and research done on the Satterwhite family. Jesse Beckham and his wife Susan (possibly a Griffin) had thirteen children. Jesse Beckham was born June 4, 1785, and died July 15, 1855. Susan Beckham was born March 9, 1799, and died March 22, 1875.

William Thomas Beckham was b. Jan. 12, 1822.  He married first, Jane Shaw and they had one daughter, Sarah (Sallie) Shaw Beckham.  His second marriage was to Martha Stephens. They had several children who died at birth.  One surviving son was Tom Beckham.  He was the father of Jewel Phillips, Gertrude Hawkins, Lucille Blevins, and Hubert Beckham. After the death of William Thomas Beckham on May 19, 1874, his wife Martha married Jonathan Bolick on Oct. 26, 1882.  Martha Beckham Bolick gave the property for Cloverdale Baptist Church.

Nancy Beckham was born August 20, 1823. She helped her mother raise Elijah Beckham her nephew. She married late in life, on July 17, 1878, to William Smith.

Henry B. Beckham was born May 29, 1825, and died February 16, 1842.

Martha Beckham was born January 21, 1827. She married Burkett Black on July 28, 1848.  Some of her descendants still live in Dade County.

Mary Elizabeth Beckham, born September 3, 1828, married David Satterwhite. They had two children, Susan and John, before she died. His second wife was Nancy Blevins. They joined the Blevins Wagon Tram and moved to TX.

Sara E. Beckham was born November 8, 1830.  Family records say she died in March 1875.

Jesse Beckham was born January 11, 1833, and died November 18, 1853.

James Madison Beckham, born May 29, 1835, married Lucinda Antoinette Satterwhite, sister of David Satterwhite who married Mary Beckham.

John E. Beckham was born February 28, 1837. He married another member of the Satterwhite clan, Susan. She was only 13 when they married. They had one child Elijah. John enlisted in the Confederate Army and died June 10, 1862Xin Lynchburg, VA “of disease.”

Louisa (Liza) Beckham, born April 6, 1839, married Calendar Forester, son of Hevelow Forester. They moved to Pike Co., AR around 1860, but returned to GA before 1870.

Lucy Beckham was the twin sister of Louisa Beckham. They also married brothers.  Lucy married Peter Forester, brother of Calendar. Their children were George, Marion, Louisa, Joshua, Nancy and Elizabeth, Gus, Ella and John Forester.  Lucy died June 14, 1912. She is buried in the Miller Cemetery.

David W. Beckham was born October 14, 1841, and died young. George W. Beckham was born April 3, 1843.

Written by Linda Hawkins Wilson

  1. mary beckham

    John E. Beckham died in the confederate army of MEASLES just a few months after he joined. His 1 child, Elijah, & wife Harriet Heartline, traveled with 5 families by wagon train from Rising Fawn, GA, to the coal mines in Bache, Oklahoma. The TINKERS were one of those families. To trace Elijah’s kin after that, you may contact me.
    –mary beckham

  2. Anne Sutherland

    My great grandparents are Burkett and Martha Jane Beckham Black. The last known location of Martha was Cherokee Co, AL where the 1880 census states she is a widow. Does anyone know when they died and where they are buried? Thank you. Anne Black Sutherland

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