I’m going to tell of my family’s history by starting with me, Cheryl Renae Marshall. I was born February 10, 1980, on a early Sunday morning at home with seven inches of snow on the ground. I have one sister whose name is Kristy Ann Marshall. She was born September 1, 1983. My parents are Roger Alien Marshall and Ruth Ann Pace Marshall. My dad, Roger, was born August 14, 1953 in Chickamauga, GA. On April 7, 1979, he married my mother Ruth Ann Pace. For many years my dad worked in auto mechanics. Now he is going to school to get a degree in nursing. My mother was born December 8, 1956, in Catoosa, GA. She works at Central Office in St. Elmo. She works in the department of word processing.

The parents of my dad are Clyde Marshall and Elsie May Price Marshall. Clyde was born July 4, 1913, in Dade Co. He and his older brother, Paul, raised his other brothers and sisters after their parents died. Clyde worked in Yates Bleachery for 42 years. He married Elsie May Price December 15, 1947. She was born September 3, 1923 in Flintstone, GA. They lived many years together in Flintstone, GA. on Happy Valley Road. Elsie died September 21, 1991 at home. Clyde died at East Ridge Retirement Home on September 17, 1995. Clyde’s father was William Richard Marshall. He was born January 1, 1872 and died March 23, 1933. William met Maude Ann Gothard in Dade Co. at her family’s dairy farm and were later married.

Oriville Rice Marshall, the father of William, was born June 30, 1834. Orville fought in the Civil War on the Confederate’s side. After the war, he went to Mexico then came to Tennessee. Orville died January 16, 1920.

Jefferson Carisle Pace and Willa Ruth Jones Pace are my mother’s parents. J.C Pace was born April 23, 1915 in Chattanooga, Tenn. He married Willa Ruth Jones April 25, 1941. J.C. Pace was a preacher for many years. He is retired and spends most of his time working in his garden. His father was John Carisle Pace who was born October 22, 1885 in Canpon, Miss. His wife was Edith Myra Flegal who was born October 4, 1894. John died January 7, 1958. His father was John Calvin Pace. John Calvin was one of the eight brothers that moved from Jamestown, Va. This was the place were Richard Pace and many others made the first English settlement in America. Richard is the father to perhaps all of the people in England surnamed Pace.

  1. Brett Bradshaw

    My mother was Clyde Marshall’s sister: Clara Mae Marshall Bradshaw. Orville Marshall’s parents were William B. Marshall and Mary Ann Martin Marshall. William’s parents were Lieutenant Isaac Marshall and Mary Foote Marshall. Isaac fought in the Revolutionary War in the 14th Virginia Infantry.

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