Thomas Earp was born in 1803 in North Carolina to Elijah Earp, Sr. His mother’s name is unknown at this time. Thomas first appears in records in 1835 when he worked for Bright Hope Iron works in far western Greene County Tennessee as did his father and brothers. He is listed on the 1819 List of Taxpayers, Cocke County Tennessee as owning 2250 acres of land. His brothers, Elijah, Jr. and Philip, were also listed on this Tax list. We have not located him on an 1840 census, but he was living in Georgia by 1850.

The 1850 census of Walker County Georgia list Thomas, age 47; Romulus, age 7; Eliz, age 5; and Lavina, age 3. Thomas moved into Dade County Georgia sometime after 1850 but prior to the Dade County 1860 census as he is enumerated as: Thomas, age 57; Julia, age 35; Romulus M., age 16; Eliz, age 15; Lavina, age 13; Lowell, age 9; and Francis, age 4 (male).

Theodore Wesley Earp, believed to be the son of Thomas who was the son of Elijah Sr. by an earlier union, was born 8 September 1837 in Cocke County Tennessee. He died in Jackson County Tennessee, date unknown. On 9 February 1860 Theodore married Margaret Ann Frizzell who was born 16 January 1845 and died 18 April 1883.

During the Civil War, Theodore served on both sides of the conflict. He enlisted in the Confederate Army at Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee on 30 May 1862 in Capt. Barry’s Lookout Artillery for three years of duty, collecting $50 bounty for enlisting. He deserted 6 February 1863. On 20 March 1863 he enrolled and mustered into the Union Army at Murfreesboro, Tennessee for three years and deserted seventeen days later on 6 April 1863 at Nashville.

The 1860 census of Dade County shows Theodore Wesley as 23; Margaret, 16; and June Frizzell as 48. The 1870 census of Marion County Tennessee list Thomas W., 33; Margaret, 28; Jacob, 2 and Philip, 2.

Romulus M. Earp was born 1843 in Georgia and died 1 May 1862 in Manassas, Virginia. He enlisted 2 July 1861 as a private in Co. H., 21st Georgia Volunteer Infantry, C. S. A., from Dade County. The cause of death was listed as disease.

Elizabeth H. Earp was born 1845 in Georgia. Nothing more is known of her.

Levina E. Earp was born in 1847 in Georgia. Nothing more is known of her.

Francis M. Earp was born in 1856 in Georgia. Nothing more is known of him. (Submitted by Sharron Spencer, Grapevine, Texas 76051. (14 July 2002 )



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