Kathleen White Thomas

No history of Dade County would be complete without mention of Mrs. Kathleen White Thomas. Mrs. Thomas lived to be 101 and was a much loved resident of the Rising Fawn community. As long as she was living, whenever someone was interested in the history of Rising Fawn, Miss Kathleen was the best source. The articles she wrote about the history of the community are still read and consulted. She also wrote a booklet about the church windows in the Rising Fawn Methodist Church and the people that they honor.

Kathleen White was born May 22, 1892. Her parents were Joseph L. and Fannie H. White. The White family was from the Whitehall community, between Hammondville and Fort Payne, AL. She married Mr. Roy Campbell Thomas (Mar. 5, 1891- Nov. 22, 1964) who owned a large amount of property in the Rising Fawn area. The Thomas house still stands at the corner of Hwy 11 and School Street.

After Mr. Thomas’ death in 1964, Mrs. Thomas lived alone, but had many friends and neighbors who looked in on her regularly. She attended Rising Fawn United Methodist Church as long as her health permitted and many remember her playing the piano there. Mrs. Thomas had a beautiful smile that lit up her face and warmed those around her. She loved to hear and tell jokes. Her memory was amazing.

In her later years, Mrs. Thomas1 niece Ann Mitchell moved to Rising Fawn to be near her aunt and later moved into the house with Mrs. Thomas.

On May 22, 1992 Mrs. Kathleen Thomas celebrated her 100th birthday with her family and friends. Her birthday party was held in the fellowship hall of the Rising Fawn Methodist Church. Mrs. Thomas1 two remaining first cousins, Geneva Phillips and Peggy Ellis were there, as well as several members of Mr. Thomas1 family and her many, many friends. She is pictured here greeting some of those guests with her ever-present smile.

Kathleen White Thomas died Oct. 8, 1993 at the age of 101. She is buried beside her husband and parents in the Hanna Cemetery.

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