Back over east of Trenton, at the foot of Lookout Mountain, is the farm known as the “Uncle Hugh Price Home Place,” now owned and operated by W. I. Price.


Mr. Price especially “goes out” for “bigger and better” farming for the farmers of Dade County and has for some time taken a great deal of interest in movements which are to the advantage of farmers in Dade County and Georgia. He is Secretary and Treasurer of the Dade County Farm Bureau and is local chairman of the AAA. These two posts require quite a bit of Mr. Price’s time, along with looking after his personal farming interests.


426 acres make up the Price Farm; 130 of which are in cultivation. Most of the land in cultivation is very fertile creek bottom and makes some “mighty fine” corn. Mr. Price says, “Overflowing of the creek, however, damaged this year’s crop considerable,” he says.


The owner’s cotton crop, about 12 ½ acres, is ‘fair,’ he says; stating further that he would gather upwards of 1,000 bushels of corn. Mr. Price’s hay crop consists principally of lespedeza, oats and red top. He has a fine young orchard of apples, pears, peaches, etc. we well as truck patches which are furnishing “taters,” beans, peas, and other vegetables.


Besides his horse stock, Mr. Price has a herd of cattle, a few sheep and a number of hogs.


Being at the foot of Lookout Mountain, water is no object. Mr. Price says he has “plenty of it.” There are two tenants on the farm.


Mr. Prince says there is a decided change in general farming conditions throughout the county and Georgia, the reason for which he says is due to the various farm organizations and the National farm program. (Above from THE DADE COUNTY TIMES, October 9, 1941.)


William I. Price was born November 29, 1887 to Hugh A. Price, Sr., and Sarah Ellen Craig Price who married September 17, 1875 in Dade County. Hugh was born June 29, 1855 and died Mary 24, 1931. Sarah Ellen was born March 8, 1861 and died January 9, 1932.


Hugh and Sarah were members of the Church of Christ and at their death the following children survived them: W. I. and Gordon of Trenton (Gordon was born March 8, 1897 and died December 15, 1936); Rev Hugh A. Jr., of Selma, AL and later Macon, GA; Mrs. G. B. Fridell and Mrs. W. L. Reeves of the Chattanooga area.


Hugh and Sarah also had three sons who died within one month of each other and they were: James Sutton (December 9, 1891 – October 6, 1908); John L. (December 6, 1900 – September 5, 1908); and Alias Thorton, (September 7, 1885 – September 25, 1908). Alias Thorton was survived by a wife and two small children and lived near Union just south of Trenton.


William I. married Bertha Cureton and their children who survived them were: William, Jr., who lived in Chattanooga; Mary L. Price Treadway who lived in Birmingham; Blanche Price Ryan who lived in Chattanooga; Ann Price Bryson living in Charleston, S. C.; Sue Price Chandler, living in Trenton; Sarah Price Morehead who lived in Puerto Rico at the time of her parent’s death and Betty Price Kneller, living in Jacksonville, FL.


James Clay Price was born September 14, 1918 and died October 12, 1942 while serving as a S. Sgt in the U. S. Army Air Corp.


Most all of the above members of this family are buried on Sand Mountain in Brown Gap Cemetery.  

  1. W. I Price was my great uncle and his farm a place I visited many times during the summers. For more information on the Price family and their history go to http://www.cleveners.info and click on the Price Connection.

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