Jeremiah Warren Family

We know little about our great great Grandfather except his name. He and his wife Olive lived in Dekalb County Al .and had four Children.

Emily born 1839 married Andrew Jackson Holliday. Jane born 1842 married John Houston Abbott, Rebecca born 1844 married Hugh P. Jones 1868. She died in 1869 And last was our great Grandfather, William L. Taylor Warren

In 1867,William married Mary Ann Carpenter. They lived in Jackson County Al near Charles and John Thomas Warren.

Their first born was Mary Emiline May 4 1868 married Milton Brown. She died November 12 1924 .Buried Hawkins Cemetery Dade Co. GA Loutrecy born February 1 1870 married Mack C. Hurst She died July 26 1960. Both are buried in Sulpher Springs Cemetery Dekalb Al. George born 1873 died after 1880 Sally born Feb 8 1874 married Charlie Hobbs. Died May 2 1931 Buried Hawkins Cemetery Pruda Ellen born April 28 1878 married Clint Cooper. They divorced in 1910 and she married Henry York. She died March 27 1949 and is buried in Hawkins Cemetery . Henry in buried in Head Springs. Manerva (Bertie) our Grandmother, was born Dec 11 1881, married Andrew Jackson Painter In Dade County Ga.  Andrew died in 1914 buried in Little River Cemetery. She married Samuel Roy Day. Manerva died August 6 1975. They are buried in Grand Center Cemetery, Walker County GA

The last child was Minnie born January 26 1885 married George Washington Smith. They lived on the mountain just above Rising Fawn. Uncle Bud was a Preacher and had services in several churches. I remember going to visit and climbing in the back of the truck for a trip down to Rising Fawn for all day singing. Uncle Bud died March 26 1956 and Aunt Minnie May 19 1965. Both are buried in Hawkins Cemetery.

Jeremiah, known as Jerry, died after 1846 and before 1850. Olive died after 1880 and before 1900. We have not found where they are buried.

Betty P. Corliss Rossville GA 30741

All information can be verified

  1. Kim

    George and Minnie were my great grandparents please email me. I would love pictures or any other information you can give me.

  2. verenicehawkins

    If Bud and Minnie Smith were your ancestors you have many relatives living here in Dade County. Who were your grandparents? Grady Smith has several grandchildren here. His daughter Betty lives here.

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