William Presley Cox

William Presley Cox, born 07/28/1861 – died 020/02/1922, married 02/21/1886 Sarah Catherine Bradford, born 02/24/1867 – died 09/24/1922. William Presley was the son of John W. Cox and Sabrina Thompson. Sarah Catherine was the daughter of William Jackson Bradford, born 12/05/1836 in Tennessee, and Nancy Warren, born 1836 in Georgia. William Jackson Bradford died May 19, 1908. Nancy Warren Bradford, born 01/15/1836 died 08/18/1923.

William Presley Cox and Sarah Catherine Bradford Cox had eleven children. They are:

1.  Annie Rosa Cox, born 1886, died 03/27/1967 Married D. I. Jenkins, born 1870, died 1952.

2.  Minnie Lou Cox, born 1887, died 1975, married Clarence Lewis Moore, born 4/1881, died 4/26/1949.

3.   John W. Cox, born 1890, died 1919. Married a lady from Atlanta moved to Birmingham.

4.  Harold Cecil Cox, born 11/1892, died 06/13/1978 Married Loraine Hartline, died October 1991.

5.  Maude V. Cox, born 1897, married (1)Otto Bostrom, born 1893, died 1920. (2) Married C. N. Fuller.

6.   Dena Cox, born 01/19/1905, married (1)Frank McMath (2) Married Carl King.

7.   Grace Cox, born 04/01/1906 married Alien Gray, born 1908, died 1945.

8. William O. (Bud) Cox died 1969, Baton Rouge, LA. married (1) Clara Mudd (2) Pearl Unknown.

9.    Howard Cox, born 06/05/1895, died 01/23/1907.

10.   Essie Cox, born 06/20/1899, died 10/01/1900.

11.   Infant Cox, born 01/02/1900, died 2/1900.

William Presley and Sarah Catherine raised a large family. All their children were born in their first log cabin later sold to Fannie Mennen. She moved it to Plum Nelly. Two of their daughters; Dena and Grace are still living. They were large land owners. His occupation was farming and operating a blacksmith shop. Their children had to leave the mountain to attend school. Most of them went to Hiwassee School in Madisonville, TN.

In 1920, they had moved to Birmingham, AL where he was owner and operator of a drug store. He worked there until his death in 1922.

Many of their grandchildren and great grandchildren still live on Lookout Mountain and the surrounding areas.

William Presley and Sarah Catherine Cox both died in Birmingham, AL and are buried in the Hawkins Cemetery, New Salem Community, on Lookout Mountain, GA. They left all their land to the children living on the mountain. Much of the land is still owned by their descendants.

I was not privileged to know my great grandparents. My grandmother is their daughter, Minnie Lou Cox who married Clarence L. (Super) Moore.




Anna Joyce Moore Wallace  
Sweetwater, TN

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