William Shelton Castleberry was born December 24, 1860 in Rising Fawn (Dade County) Georgia to Hiram and Mary Lowe Castleberry. He married Ollie Isabell Pendergrass, born April 12, 1863 in Soddy-Daisy (Hamilton County) Tennessee to Jonathan and Isabell Hatfield Pendergrass on November 17, 1881 in Dade County.

William died on September 25, 1908 in Rising Fawn in a well accident. After his death Ollie married Jesse Forester who preached Qllie’s funeral when she died. Ollie died— January 19, 1934 in Birmingham, Alabama.  William and Ollie are buried side by side in       the Long Cemetery in Rising Fawn.

Their children are:

1.   Myrtle Ethel, born September 25,1882 (Rising Fawn); died April 1962 in Panama City, FL; married 1st Will Bradford and 2nd Tom Martin.

2.   Bonnie, died at three years of age; buried in Rising Fawn; grave unmarked.

3.   Mary Winnie “Mollie”, died at three years of age; buried in Rising Fawn; grave unmarked.

4.   Un-named female; stillborn; buried in Rising Fawn; grave unmarked.

5.   Willie Pearl Ann, born October 19, 1889 in Rising Fawn; died November 16, 1974 in Birmingham, Alabama; married January 19,1908 to Joseph E. R. Boger.

6.   Marvin T., born in Cave Spring (Dade County); died in Daytona Beach, Florida; married Mary Warren.

7.   Nola C., born January 27, 1896 in Cave Spring (Dade County); died March 28, 1936 in New England City (Dade County): buried in Payne Cemetery; married George T. Coates.

8.   Jessie L., born June 26, 1899; died January 18,1953; buried in Sarah’s Chapel Cemetery (Dade County); married Roy E. Holmes.

9.   Lemmie Oliver, born November 27,1904 in Cave Spring, Dade County (twin to Lennie); died March 11, 1992 in Trenton; buried in Lake Hills Cemetery; married Hazel Walls.

10. Lennie Shelton, born November 27, 1904 in Cave Spring (twin to Lemmie); died April 12, 1992 in Trenton; buried in Lake Hills Cemetery, married Dorothy Sharrock.

(Submitted by SF)

  1. james bradford

    Mary ethel was my aunt.Gordon bradford was my father.

  2. i also am a castleberry checking out eveything i can on them

  3. CP(Castleberry)

    I am a great granddaughter of William and Ollie, looking for information on Hiram and Mary Castleberry. Also, does anyone know how William died? (I’ve heard a story of a tragic death I the family, but not sure if it was my paternal or my maternal great grandfather who died in either a mine or well accident.)

  4. verenicehawkins

    It was a well accident. I called Vergie because I had heard Alvin tell about his grandfather and a well accident. Vergie said for you to call her that she had some information about Castleberry family you might be interested in.

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