“As little as you think about it,” X. B. (Zennie) Murphy is some farmer. He kind of has things like he wants them up on his “Stewarttownreservation.

Zennie is one of those fellows who doesn’t have very much to say, but is more or less a “man of action”. Go up to Zennie’s some time and he will be glad to show you around his some 300-acre spot. A little over 50 acres of his farm are in cultivation; the remainder being in woodland and pasture. Don’t forget… he has something in these pastures besides grass… he keeps a bunch of white-faced cattle in one, and across the hill you can hear the bleats of about 40 sheep. Zennie “goes to town” in sell wool each year and we guess will get a fancy price for next spring crop. His hobby is stock raising and he goes in for this rather than raising so much grain and hay for the market.

Speaking of hay and grain, Mr. Murphy raises quite a bit or corn and hay. His hay crop consists principally of lespedeza and soybeans. He also plants about 11 acres to cotton. His farm work is turned off by a fine team of mules, old “Tom” and “Jake”. A hustling tenant, Mr. Howard Crane, helps Zennie keep things going.

Too, around the house is a big flock of chickens… (The Editor plans to happen around when a “shanghi” gets ready to fry or when the cabbage heads are big enough to “bite.”)

You’ll find Mr. Murphy’s farm about one and one-half miles south-west of Byrd’s Chapel. “Come up to see him sometime.” (THE DADE COUNTY TIMES, 1942)

Submitted by Sue Forrester

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