Ralph Wilburn York, Jr., (also known as Bud), was the oldest son of Ralph York, Sr and Bertha Hartline. He was born on January 25, 1932 and married Lora Lee White, born October 15, 1936, from Island Creek Cove. Her parents were James (Jim) White and Mary Lucy Cooper.

Ralph (Bud), was about 17 years old when he and Lora met (she was around twelve or thirteen years old). They married about a year and a half later on April 28, 1951. They met while Ralph was working at a sawmill. His dad bought tracts of timber in Island Creek Cove and moved his sawmill into the work areas, around 1949.

Ralph and Lora first lived in a log house in Trenton (Dade County) Georgia near his dad and mom, about the last part of 1951. The area now is known as Hartline Road on Sand Mountain. Ralph (Bud), says that the log house was built when he was a child and he remembers waking up in the winter months finding snow on the quilts he was covered with and through the cracks in the floor you could see chickens wandering about.

Ralph and Lora raised six children: Roger Dale, born January 31, 1954; Randy Dewayne, born April 15, 1957; Ricky Alan, born October 26, 1958, died July 7, 1982; Gayla Michele, born December 5, 1959; Shannon Kirk, born March 18, 1964; and Tammy Annette, born Novembe4 21, 1965.

They also have ten grandchildren: Nathan York, Jeremy Weldon, Christy York, Travis York, Judd York, Barry Weldon, Michael Mathis, Lora York, Jennifer Mathis and Sydney York.

In 1973, Ralph bought a small grocery store on Sand Mountain located about a mile from the Bryant, AL state line. The store is known as “York’s Grocery #1.” He later bought another store, in 1981, in the New Home Community, known as “York’s Grocery #2,” which his second son, Randy Dewayne now operates.

Ralph and Lora, to this date, 1966, still own and operate the little county store known as “York’s Grocery #1.” (Submitted by Gayla York Bethune, oldest daughter of Ralph W. and Lora Lee York.)

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