Fire of undetermined origin this (Wednesday) morning swept thought the North Dade Junior High School, totally destroying this modern brick structure. The loss was estimated at $30,000.00, only a part of which is covered by insurance. The fire, which was one of the worst in Dade County history, is now being investigated by County School Superintendent L. M. Allison and other school officials to determine the possible cause of the conflagration. Plans for the students at the school have not been announced as yet. (THE DADE COUNTY TIMES, Trenton, Georgia, Thursday, January 3, 1946, p 1, c 1.)

  1. Jerry D. Cole

    It just so happns that I was attending that school and remember it just like it was yesterday. My namd is Jerry D. Cole and I am the son of Noel W. Cole who is the son of William Polk Cole. As any you seniors know he was a prominent man in slygo valley. I was so pleased to see this article. I was browsing the Dade County history web page and found this entry. I also found several other entries about my family, including one about William Polk Cole, my grandpa. If any of you who would like to know what happpened after the fire I can also tell you that. The school board solicited the local churches to be used as class rooms. I went to the old church down near the old Forreter Place. It is has probably been torn down many years ago. Another church used was, I believe, the brick methodist? church just up the road. They separated the class rooms by hanging bedsheets between them. The toilet facilities as some of you may remember were outside. The only source of water was an old hand pump well in front of the church. We move to Dalton after that year so I don’t know what happened after that year. I assume thry built a new school. Hope this leaves a gleam in somones eye and reemembers thos days as well as I do. P. S had a lot of fun playing marbles in the dirt in front of the chruch/school!

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