Rising Fawn School and South Dade Community Center

According to the cornerstone, Rising Fawn School was constructed in 1937. There were eight classrooms, a library, an office, lunch room, two washrooms, and a large auditorium with dressing rooms in the steam heated building. The trustees were J. G. Forester, chairman, R. C. Dawkins, W.R. Hamic, W. H. Wilson, J. M. Murphy and the county School Superintendent was J. L. Fricks, also of Rising Fawn. The date of the opening was October 18, 1937. Later, a more modem lunchroom and kitchen was built on and the exterior was stuccoed. The school had a large campus with a baseball field and a playground.

A plaque hanging in the cafeteria of the Rising Fawn School records the valedictorians of each graduating class, beginning in 1952. They are as follows: Jane Marie West, 1951-52; James Irby Cureton, 1952-53; Dion Bradford, 1953-54; Martha Barton, 1954-55; Nancy Steele, 1955-56; Sara Annette Steele and Patsy Ann Blevins, 1956-57; Martha Joyce McMahan, 1957-58; Richard Fricks, Jr., 1958-59; Patricia Harrison, 1959-60; Sharon Yvonne Reeves, 1960-61; Nancy C. Byers, 1961-62; Nancy Sue Houts, 1962-63; Mary Jane Blevins, 1963-64; Jeril Ransom Cooper m, 1964-65; Patsy Ann Baugh, 1965-66; Janice Carol West, 1966-67 (eighth grade); Otis Payne Cooper, 1966-67 (seventh grade); Linda Elaine Hawkins, 1967-68; Phillip Anthony Cagle and Ronald Edward Hawkins, 1968-69.

After the school was consolidated with schools in Trenton in 1969, it was sold and used by a private company. Eventually, the county regained the property and it became the South Dade Community Center and also housed the South Dade Volunteer Fire Department.

After some damage by a tornado in the 1990’s, repairs were made, but the Fire Department moved out into a new building on the grounds. The school building is now used as a community center and events such as the Fall Festival, barbeques, ham shoots, singings, community-wide Sunday dinners and family reunions are held there. Most of the fond raisers held at the community center go to support our very active volunteer fire department and to make improvements on the building.

Written by Linda H. Wilson Rising Fawn, GA.

  1. Anita Riddle Brown

    Linda , do you have any information on who the principals were at Rising Fawn and did they ever print any kind of yearbooks?

  2. verenicehawkins

    There were some yearbooks and some are in the history room at the library. A lady is going to let me copy one and put it in the library. I can’t remember if your dad is in it or not. I will let you know. This book is for sale at the library and both banks.

  3. Anita Riddle Brown

    Thanks so much. I’ll have to pick up a copy of the book and check out the yearbooks.

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