When Porter and Carrie Massey Everett became proud parents of twin boys (Ronald and Donald), they didn’t realize that one day they would be watching them on TV right in their living room, televised as THE DIXIELAND DRIFTERS. In time they would be scheduled weekly at WROM TV (Rome, Ga.); WNOX Radio in Knoxville, TN; and WAPO Radio Chattanooga, TN).

Donald and Ronald displayed an interest in musical instruments at an early age and quickly took to guitar, violin, and most strings. They earned a good reputation as excellent musicians and started practicing in the old Telephone Company with Norman Blake and Roy McBryar, Jr. where Norman’s Dad, Rufus Blake, recognized their talents. He encouraged them and supported their efforts in organizing THE DIXIELAND DRIFTERS.

Don married Martha Ann Castleberry and they have 3 talented children, Jeff, Steve, and Scott, and 5 grandsons. Ronald married Elsie McKaig and they have 3 children, Jamie, Susan and Sissy. They have one grandson.

After several years of driving to perform on TV and radio, Roy McBryar, Jr. (now deceased) was occupied by Hal Culpepper (now deceased), Don was drafted into the Army and some married, so the group disbanded. Norman successfully went out on his own. Don and Ronald still have their guitars and voices but use them very little in their senior years.

Thanks to the Dade County Historical Society for remembering THE DIXIE­LAND DRIFTERS in this documentary of Dade County Musicians.

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