Mr. Art Moore is from the New Salem Community on Lookout Mountain. Mr. Moore and his wife, Mrs. Effie, Moore, served their community and county faithfully for a long, long time. Mr. Moore was born in the New Salem Community and lived there all his life except for a few years when he took employment elsewhere as a carpenter. During World II he was a sheet metal worker at the Atomic Energy Plant at Oak Ridge, Tennessee.


During the early years of their lives, both Mr. And Mrs. Moore were school teachers. They cleared up the farm that is their present home place, made a living and reared a large family principally from farming.


Mr. Moore made many contributions to agriculture in this area. He served for a number of years as Farm Bureau director and as President of this organization, also as director of the Farmer’s Co-Op and member of FHA committee dealing with farm and home loans.


Mr. And Mrs. Moore have always been very close to their family. Many of the children were able to complete college. Some became teachers. They were very close to the New Salem Methodist church and were very active in helping with the landscaping of the present church.


Mr. And Mrs. Moore were famous for their apple cider and gingerbread. They were active supporters of the Plum Nelly Show from the beginning.


Ten children were born to this couple. Seven who are now living. They are Lola Kyte, Grace Johnson, Mildred Pringle, Grover, Layton, Homer and Macolm. Information given by Lola Moore Kyte. (Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Seniors Volunteer Program, 1981.)

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