The site of Byrd’s Chapel Methodist Church dates back before the Civil War. It was first known as the “Old CampGround.” The first church was the outgrowth of those camp meetings. This is in Dade County, formerly Cherokee County.


A Methodist minister by the name of Byrd, moved into the community and with the help of his neighbors erected a log house for worship, thereby, establishing the first Byrd’s Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church South. The church today still bears his name.


Deeds of February 27, 1872 first mention that a portion (2 acres) of this property was given by Col. James W. Cureton for the Byrd’s Chapel Church. The earliest register is dated 1897.


The first building was a log house with a large stone chimney and fireplace. It was on the property opposite the cemetery.


Later, a large frame building was erected on the highest spot of the land, in the center. This was also used as a school until about 1900 when M.A. Castleberry deeded a lot adjoining the church property for a school, and the large frame building was torn down. About 1900 a little school house was built, and was also used for church purposes.


In 1915-1916 a new church was built, near the school. About 1933 this church building was torn down, and services were again held in the school house. In the 1940;;\’s the Dade County Board of Education deeded this property to the trustees of the Byrd’s Chapel Church.


In 1951-1952 a rebuilding program was begun. Three Sunday School rooms were added to the school house. On January 14, 1971 the Byrd’s Chapel Church burns to the ground. With much help from the community, members, and donations, a church was built.


With God’s help, the members plan for more additions to the house.


Some of the preachers who served this church in the past were: E.R. Lewis, Horace Henry, Richard Looney, Arnold Williams, Tom Daily, Joe Baker, Tom Houtz, George Evin, Taylor Orr, and Russell Taylor.(Used by permission HISTOROY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.)

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