According to stories passed down through the family, the Carrolls came to Dade County by riverboat. They settled in the North end of the county. Through the years the descendants have married and covered about every area of the county, although a large number of them still live in the Wildwood area.


James Carroll married Hannah McPhearson who was from Iowa. There are records only for three children having been born to them. George McPhearson, November 28, 1819; Eliza born in Blountsville, Alabama on January, 25, 1822 and Dan Carroll who lived and is buried in Walker County, Ga.


The Dade County Carrolls are descendants of George McPhearson. Eliza married John Clark who was a brother to Elizabeth Jane Clark, wife of George. John and Elizabeth Jane (Betty) were the children of Thomas and Elizabeth Clark who had come to Dade County from Warren County (McMinnville), Tennessee.


George and Betty were married in Dade County at the home of her parents on May 27, 1847 by the Rev. Samuel Mackbee. Although they lived on Lookout Mountain at one time, their homeplace was located where the Dave L. Brown farm is now. The property also took in the property across Highway 11 up to Morganville where Davis Carroll still lives. As was customary, he divided his land among his children, some in Walker County, some on Lookout Mountain and most at the home placae. Sometime before his death April 2, 1908 George M.lost his eyesight. His wife outlived him by sixteen years and one day, dying April 3, 1924. They are buried in the Townswend Cemetery at Wildwood.


George and Betty were the parents of ten children. Virginia, born in 1865, died at age 19. Tennessee, born in 1870, died when only two days old. Mary A., born in 1857, married G.M. Cagle but died at 24. Hannah, born 1855, married H.L. Forester and lived in Walker County during her adult life.


Louvina, the oldest child, married a Hale. They had two sons and a daughter. Frank and George – who served for a time as store keeper and Post Master at Wildwood. He married Sally Redding. Vina made her home on Lookout Mountain.


James Carroll, born in 1852, married Janey Holmes. They had two children – Minnie and Rowan.


Samuel T. was born in 1860. He married Florence Tittle, whose cousin had married Sam’s brother Buck. They had four children. Vester married Mamie Hinkle and had one daughter. Mack married Denary Smith. They had two children, Douglas (m. Ruby Massengale; three children) and Lucille (m. Stokes McCallie). Alma and Davis never married. They cared for their parents. Davis still lives on their home place.


Georgia was the youngest child who lived. She married William Henry Massey, April 8, 1890. They had three children – Hallie, George, and Net. Hallie married Martin Hays. They had one daughter, Vera Mae. Her husband was Herman Cope, Jr. and they had four children – Charlene, Dorothy, Susan Lynn, David Herman, and Janet Elizabeth.


George Massey married Gertrude Nabors. They had two children – John William (m. Lillian Bigbee, 2 children) and Kathryn (m. William F. Jackson, 2 children).


Nettie Mae Leah married Sidney James Hartline. They had eight children.

   1. Martha Lucille m. Ernest S. Hansberger, Jr.; 2 children – Ernest S., Martha Louise.

   2. Virginia Mae m. Issac Newton Ryan; 4 children – Judith, Cheryl, Debra, Alan.

   3. Jimmy, Jr. – 2 children; Angelia, Ricky.

   4. Charles m. Benita Bryant, 1 child – Charles, Jr.

   5. Tommy m. Francoise Laundurand from France, one adopted child – William Gregory.

   6. Carolyn . m. John Clifton Riley; 2 children – Kathy Leigh, Karen Elizabeth.

   7,  Buford m. June Gail Gaddis; 3 sons – Randy, Jeff, and Stan.

   8.  Patsy m. Jimmy Lynch; 3 sons – Mike, Mark, Tim.


Didama Elizabeth (Lizzie), settled across the road from her parents’ home. She married Dock Patterson. Dock died when he was only 32 years of age. They had three children – Martin, Josie, and Mac.


Martin married Mae Fulghum. They had three children. Edna married Ewell Brown, Edith married Harold Barnes the first time. After being widowed, she married W.C. Hurst. Bud married Grace Parsons and adopted a daughter, Debra.


Josie married Claude Hunt. They had eight children. Carl has an adopted child, Teddy, by

his first marriage, and he and his wife, Clara, have two children, Carline and Carl. Annie married Roy Curtis has three children – Anna Bell (1 daughter), James Robert (4 sons), Charles (4 sons). Walter’s wife is named Mabel and they had no children. Elmer married Bernice Haswell. They have three sons – Marvin (m. Sue; 1 daughter), Chester (m. Jill; 2 sons, 1 daughter), and Woodrow (m. Carolyn; 2 sons). Wilma married Fred Warren. They have three children; Barbara (m. Joe Gilliland; 1 daughter, Starla), Eugene (m. Joan Ford; 1 son Eugene), and David (m. Pam; 1 son Kevin, 1 daughter Amber). Kenneth’s wife is Beulah. They have two children – Kenneth (2 children) and Judy . Gladys married H.L. Long and has two children — Henrietta (m. Lebron Abercrombie; 2 sons) and Donald

(m. Gail; 1 daughter Jamie). Betty married J. C. Ayers. They have three children – Diane (1 son, Jason Norwood), Larry, and Eric Clifford has three children by a first marriage – Tommy (4 sons), Debbie (1 son, 1 daughter) and Mike. He has one child by a second marriage.


Lizzie’s third child was Mac. He married Grace Metcalf and had two daughters.


William G. (Buck) was the oldest son of George  and Betty and had the largest family with thirteen children – George, John, Sarah (Sally), Mae, William, Net, Martin, Frank (Pard), Mattie, Dan, Pearl, Tom, and Lora. He married Janie Caroline Tittle on Christmas Day, 1873.


George Adam married Janie Elizabeth Laughridge December 5, 1900. She was a resident of Walker County. They lived for several years there. Some of their children were born there. One child, William Frank, died at age 3 and is buried at Noble, Ga. Caroline Ann, the oldest, married Walter Massey who worked at the U.S. Post Office in Chattanooga. Clarence Alvin married Annie Bell Porter (see Lea Family). Beatrice married Howard Baker,who was a county agent in Dade County at the time. They have three children – Shirley (m. Ken Shoupe; 2 children), Nancy (m. Espy O’Neil; 1 son), and Howard (m. Isabelle, who he met while stationed in Germany; 1 daughter). Bernice taught school in Dade County with her two older sisters for several years. She also worked with the Chattanooga Police Department for a number of years. Janie Mae married Doc Hancock and had two children: Gloria Jean and John (m. Robbie; 1 daughter, Jennifer). George Adam, Jr. was born less than a year before his mother died. While attending the University of Georgia, he met and married Mae Carruthers. They had one child who lived. George III married Betty McBryar from Tiftonia. They have two daughters.


George, Sr. remarried in 1917. His bride was Fannie Laughridge, a sister to his first wife. They had one son. Benjamin Wellborn. He married Norma Williams and has one son, Steve.


George, Sr. carried the mail for years at Wildwood. He began around 1912-15 and continued until his retirement in 1940. When he and his family first returned to Wildwood, they lived in a log house on Buck Carroll’s farm. They built the house where Annie Bell Carroll still lives. George fell and hurt his back while working on the house and after he recovered he took the test to work for the post office. The house is located o  Polk Creek, and before the TVA dam system came into effect, the creek would overflow its banks after almost any hard shower. Anyone traveling the creek road would have to wait until the waters receded before they could go on. They would visit with the Carroll family during this time.


Later they built a large brick house above the Birmingham highway at Wildwood. While the new U.S. 11 was being built they boarded workers. Clarence worked with that crew for a time.


John C., another of Buck’s sons, married Ada Mae Smith and had one son, Wilbur (m. Bertie; 1 son, Lee).


Sally married Sylvanus Alonzo (Pop) Neely. She was the first of the children to marry. They had four sons. Ira married Zula Nabors. They had two sons: Ira, Jr. and Huel (m. Elizabeth Fry) and one adopted daughter. Fran married Alma Puckett (see Lea family). Clyde married Ruth Felker and had three children – Jerry, June, and Patricia Ann. Levoy died in a car wreck.


Mae married Dr. James M. Wellborn. They built the house known as the Townsend house on the hill at Wildwood. She died when their car ran off the hill at their home.


William’s wife was Maude M. They had six children – Bill (m. Diane), Louise, Bert, Katherine, Ruth, and Clifford (m. Frances; 1 son John; 1 daughter Janie).


Net marrried George Forester from Rising Fawn. They had two daughters – Grace (m. Lee Blevins – 2 children) and Edna (m. Pat Baugh; 2 children).


Martin married Stella Tatum, a teacher in Dade County. He was involved in the politics of Dade County. He had two daughters – Gladys and Mary Jo.


Frank (Pard) married Ersaline Blevins, a teacher.


Matt taught school at Wildwood for a number of years. She married Paul Johnson. They had one son Carroll. His wife is Betty (2 children). He presently lives in New York.


Dan married Bennie Cole (whose Grandmother was Louvinia Clark, a sister to Elizabeth Jane Clark Carroll). Pearl died at age 2 and is buried at Noble, Ga.


Thomas Jefferson was a farmer most of his life and lived many years at the Buck Carroll home place. He was a veteran of  World War I. He also worked in construction for a time. He married Irene Mayhew. They had two children. Elizabeth Ann married Bill Brock. They had three children Cecelia Ann (m. Roland Avery; 1 son Shane, 1 daughter Amy), Teresa Jane and Billy Kenneth. Their son is Thomas J., Jr.


Lora, the baby of the family, was (along with brother Tom) the mischievous member of the family. She married Roy Lea (see Lea family). They had two daughters – Inez who married J. C. Henson (2 daughters) and Ada Mae.(Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981)

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