“This evening – we are honored to have present a person who has freely, and without limit, given of her time, talent and resources for the betterment of Dade County since she has resided here.  Mrs. Catherine Clarke Morrison first came to Dade County as a permanent citizen in 1944 at about the time her husband, the late Colonel Douglas E. Morrison, retired from military service.  Just as soon as she became a citizen of our county, she immediately involved herself in community and county affairs, and the following record of her devoted service to our county is impressive evidence that the citizens of Dade County have benefited greatly as a result of her presence in our midst.


“In giving a short history of Mrs. Morrison’s accomplishments here, we could sum up the story of her residence here by saying that she ‘sees what needs to be done and does it.’


“When Mrs. Morrison came to Dade County in 1944, there was no Public Health Nurse here.  She inquired about this and was told that we “couldn’t get one.”  She then  contacted the American Red Cross Nursing Service in Atlanta relative to this problem and, after various consultations back and forth between county officials and the Red Cross, Dade County got a Public Health Nurse.”


“Dade County had no Home Demonstration Agent (now known as Home Economist) at the time Mrs. Morrison came to live here.  She contacted the Extension Service at the University of Georgia, whereupon this agency sent a Home Demonstration consultant to Dade, who, together with Mrs. Morrison, appeared before the Dade County Grand Jury, and Dade soon had a Home Demonstration Agent.”


“Mrs. Morrison has always been interested in our public schools and, when Dade County reactivated its Parents-Teachers Association in the 1940’s she became the first president.”


“As a result of her leadership and community interest, the county-wide Christmas Lighting Contest was commenced in 1952, a project which has continued over the years and brings about a great deal of interest in home appearance, especially at Christmas-time.  She has worked with community improvement clubs all over the county, has worked untiringly for improvement of our recreation program and participated in several county fairs when they were being held here a few years ago.”


“Mrs. Morrison has been a volunteer worker with the American Red Cross since 1939.  She has done the Red Cross Home Service work in Dade County since 1944, serving without pay in all instances, and has been called at all hours of the day to render assistances, especially to service people and their families.  (From personal observation, I have seen her take personal interest in this worthy endeavor on several occasions.)


“In recognition of her services and her interest in the people and the affairs of Dade County, she was named “Women of the Year” in Dade County in 1960.”

“For over 15 years, she (almost singlehandedly at times) published and edited the Dade County Times, serving during this period on the Georgia Press Board of Managers.  She was in charge of several workshops in addition to her regular duties as publisher and editor during this time.  I am sure that everyone fully realizes the signifcance of having a local newspaper in a county, and Mrs. Morrison provided us with a local medium of public information when, otherwise, we would not have had one.  Dade County is certainly in debt in this instance, as well as in the many other cases where she so very liberally gave of herself.”


“Mrs. Morrison has been a member of the Cherokee Regional Library Board since 1945, and she has been on the Executive Committee for about 25 years, being Vice President of the Board when she retired in 1973.  She was for many years a member, and later Chairman, of the Dade County Library Board.”


“In 1950, Mrs. Morrison, together with other outstanding individuals from Walker, Dade and Catoosa Counties, agree to serve on the John L. Hutcheson Memorial Tri-County Hospital Board of Trustees, and she has been secretary of that body since its inception.  The leadership and foresightedness of this group has resulted in the coming into being of a new, modern hospital facility, located at Fort Oglethorpe, which serves the citizenry of this three-county area, and continues to grow and expand its services.”


“Some of the organizations of which Mrs. Morrison is a member are:  League of Women Voters of Georgia; charter member of the Smithsonian Association; National Society of the Colonial Dames in Tennessee; Society of  Mayflower Descendants; Plymouth Plantation Association; Early American Society; American Heritage Society; and the National Trust for Historical Preservation.  Locally, she is a member (and past president) of the Garden Club of Trenton, and the Trenton Homemakers Club.”


“Always ready to lend her assistance to youth-oriented endeavors, and especially to the scouting program, she opened her private pool to the Girl Scouts for Red Cross swimming instruction for eleven years.  The fruits of this gesture can never be over valued.”


“There are many individual acts of human interest which this lady has performed.  She has always been receptive to assisting worthy community fund-raising activities and she has shown by her presence her concern for many facets of community and county problems not heretofore mentioned.”



(Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.)

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