Covenant College is a Christian institution of higher education, emphasizing liberal arts, operated by a board of trustees elected by the General Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod.


Covenant College was founded in 1955 by one branch of what is now the Reformed Presbyterian Church ,

Evangelical Synod. The school’s first year was spent at Pasadena, California, while the board of trustees looked for a permanent suitable property. In 1956 the college moved to a 27-acre property in west suburban St. Louis. At the same time Covenant Theological Seminary opened for its first year on the same campus.


By 1963, growth of both institutions made the St. Louis facilities inadequate and in 1964 the college opened its doors in a former luxury hotel on the crest of Lookout Mountain which overlooks the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. From its 2100-ft, elevation the college is a landmark building visible for miles around.




Majors are offered in Bible, Missions, Philosophy, History, English, Music, Biology, Chemistry, Natural Science, Psychology, Physical Education, and Inter-Disciplinary Studies. There are minors in the preceding subject areas and in Sociology, Mathematics, Physics, and Education. Courses are also offered in foreign languages and art.


Professional programs include Medical Technology, Nursing, Engineering, Teacher Education (certified by the State of Georgia), pre-medicine, pre-law, and pre-ministerial.


Though a liberal arts college, a prime goal of Covenant is to educate qualified teachers to meet certification requirements in both elementary and secondary education.




The library collection, including approximately 77,000 items, is housed in the Anna E. Kresge Library near the center of the campus. The building features a language laboratory, a center for curricular materials, an audio-visual center, and individualized study carrels throughout the stack areas.


Covenant students live in Carter Hall, the college’s main building, and a  new men’s residence hall nearby. Carter Hall also contains many of the college’s classrooms, dining hall, book store, administrative offices and “The Blink,” Covenant’s unique snack bar.


The modern physical education center contains the college gymnasium, classrooms, recreation rooms, and a weight room. Tennis courts are located at the center and near Carter Hall. The college’s large athletic field for soccer and baseball is near the campus and the swimming poll is adjacent to Carter Hall. Other campus buildings include Covenant’s art workshop and the music building. Construction of a new college chapel is expected to begin this year.


Covenant manages the nearby Lookout Mountain recreation center, and the facilities there are available for student use. The chalet-style, natural stone building contains a snack bar, pool tables, electronic games, shuffleboard areas, study areas, conference rooms, and a TV room with a large fireplace.


The college conducts workshops, film festivals, special courses, and other activities at the center.(Used by permission History of Dade County, Georgia, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981)

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