Dade County leads the state in the number of certified Georgia Tree Farms, according to a recent survey made by the Georgia Forestry Commission.


There are seven tree farmers in the county, and Dade’s Tree Farm Area totals 5,456 acres. Altogether Georgia has 51 certified Tree Farms totaling 968,991 acres.


Dade County’s Tree Farmers are J.P. Lamert, Rising Fawn, 203 acres; E. J. Bible, Rising Fawn, 73 acres; Miss Bess Cureton, Trenton, 887 acres; W.C. Holmes, New England, 156 acres; Col. D.E. Morrison, Trenton, 464 acres; J.A. Case, Trenton, 173 acres; E.R. Well, Trenton, 3,500 acres.


In commenting on Dade County’s lead in Tree Farms, Guyton, DeLoach, Director, Georgia Forestry Commission, said, “All of these woodland areas have met, and are maintaining, standards of protection, management, reforestation and harvesting sufficient to meet the rigid requirements of the Georgia Tree Farms System. Though their participation in Tree Farm program, these landowners are helping materially to supply and perpetuate the forest industry that is so vital to the economic welfare of the County, and each of them is to be highly congratulated on meeting the requirements. These Tree Farms stand as continuous demonstration areas of good, progressive forest management.”


The County’s Tree Farmers are working actively with J.C. Pace, County Forest Ranger, and L.C. Adams, County Agent, in seeking to win the current $1,000 Forest Fire Prevention Contest. (Used by permission History of Dade County, Georgia, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.)

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