D.S. Middleton, Rising Fawn, Georgia, physician and surgeon; born January 2, 1871, in ;

Webster County, Mississippi. Graduated Belle – Fontaine, Mississippi, High school, 1889; U.S. Grant University Medical Department, 1894, Missionary Baptist; Democrat; Mason, Senator 44th. District 1925-26 Ex.-26 2 d. Ex.; House of Representatives Dade County 1913-14, 1937.


Dr. Middleton has been the county physician for over 44 years, and maintains an office in Trenton and at his home in Rising Fawn, Georgia.


The death of Dr. D.S. Middleton was more than just symbolic of the passing of a loved and respected individual; to more than just a few a visit to his home in recent months and after his death was to view a bit of fading Americana.


The lump one felt in his throat was for the man, yes; but also for the knowledge that here, represented by time – worn flesh and the memory of countless small services rendered during times of need as well as the memory of other deeds – civic in nature but always with the individual in mind – is a visible symbol of a way of life that is vanishing and rapidly being forgotten.


Part of that colorful panorama of the past belongs to the country doctor who, like all other things synonymous with modernism, is now known by new name …that of general practitioner. Dr. Middleton was that, and many more things … he signified greatness in its place, and smallness, too. He was known for his work in the Legislature of the state, his perfection of a new splint, his endorsement of progress for the ‘State of Dade,’ and something else, too.



Because when one is present, the other is also. His love of nature and poetry was unssurpassed only by his love of humanity, and it has been said he had an over-abundance of all those characteristics. When he was out of the office, he almost always had a pocketful of birdseed or crumbs for the little winged creatures that came to his flower-filled garden in flocks. At times of repose, he could be found with any of Edgar Allan Poe’s works and loved to quote from that and other classics.


Future histories will not overlook one of the county’s pioneers in greatness.(Used by permission, HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY, GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981)


    Dr. Middleton was my grandmothers doctor when my mother was born on Feb. 4, 1900 near Cloverdale community which is about 5 miles south of Rising Fawn. GA. He was my mothers doctor when I was born (on my Dad’s farm) in Cloverdale on November 14, 1934 – although I arrived there before he did on that day. I remember that Dr. Middleton offten would say
    “Yes, yes, just a pill” before handing you the medicine in his office. Another quote I often heard him say during my childhood was “Yes, yes, just a dollar” when advising of his fee after his service was rendered. In many cases the patient nor the patients family had a dollar and sometimes he would take some eggs or something else produced on the farm. He was a kind and serving individual who impacted greatly on the residents of Dade County when there were only two doctors in the whold county – Dr. Middleton and Dr. Gardner of Sulpher Springs, GA.

    Dr. D. S. Middleton was an institution in Dade County during his lifetime.

  2. Louise Howard

    Dr. Middleton was our family doctor and we all loved him. One home visit really stands out in my mind.

    When I was 12 years old my mother kept me home from school one day as she was expecting our sister to be born. It was pouring down rain and my Mom said I should go next door and see if our neighbor would come sit with her while I went to call Dr. Middleton.

    The neighbor declined but she loaned me her umbrella. The wind turned it wrong side out as I ran through the rain , it was raining so hard I could barely see and I fell and was wet and muddly by the time I got to Townsends store to use the phone.

    My Dad got home about 4:00 PM and I cooked supper. I don’t remember what I cooked except corn bread and fried potatoes. We probably already had a pot of beans cooked. I also opened a half gallon jar of home canned peaches for dessert.

    Dr. Middleton was there by then and he ate supper with us. About the time he finished eating my Mom called to him and a few minutes later, I heard the crying of my new baby sister, Diane Carver I gave her her first bath! She was born 1946 and died 2007.

    I believe Dr. Middleton was the school physician also. I remember getting a physical exam for basketball from him.

    He seemed more like family than our doctor!

  3. verenicehawkins

    Dr Middleton delivered my husband in 1927 and told his parents that if they would name him for himself he would not charge for the delivery. He was Ernest Middleton Hawkins. He said once when the doctor had been very busy he stopped at their house and told his mother that he had to have some rest. He told her to fix him a bed and she did. After a nap he went back to seeing patients. My mother’s brother who was killed in WW two was delivered by him and named for him. He was Richard Spencer Gifford.

  4. Lynn Broom

    Does anyone know what happened to his records. He delivered my husband in 1947 and never filed his birth certificate. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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