Isaac Doyle and two of his brothers, Jake and Jim, came to Dade County from Tellico Plains, Tennessee, working on the laying of the railroad-N. C. & St. L.


Isaac settled in Dade County and married Mary Bryant.  He was in the army during the Civil War and was captured by the Union Army.  At the end of the war he was given a choice of either remaining a prisoner or being sent to the Western Plains to guard Indians.  He went to the Western Plains and remained there for four years.  His wife and family thought he had been killed.  One day without any warning he came walking in home. This was in Murphy Hollow.  His wife ran to meet him and he threw his arms around her, the boys, got quite upset and began muttering that they would kill that fellow. They had no idea it was their father.


Isaac and Mary (called Polly) were the parents of John, Jacob, Cooper, William, Jim, Betty, Pleas, and Mary.


Information given by Edwina Gross.


(Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.)



Photos page 143

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