Mrs. Ersaline Blevins Carroll, a native of Dade County retired recently after 45 years of teaching.  Mrs. Carroll, known to all her students as “Miss Ersaline” was born and brought up in Dade County.  She is the daughter of the late Mr. And Mrs. James L. Blevins.


“Miss Ersaline” graduated from Trenton High School, now known as Dade County High School in 1924.  She attended the University of Chattanooga and the University of Georgia, receiving her B. S. and M. A. degrees at the University of Georgia.


She was married to the late R. Frank Carroll of Wildwood.


Mrs. Carroll taught 37 years in Dade County, 33 years as a classroom teacher and four years as principal of  North Dade Elementary School.


In 1961, she moved to Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia where she taught eight years, six years as classroom teacher and two years as Title I Special Reading teacher.


While in Dade County, Mrs. Ersaline was honored as being the “First Teacher of the Year,” the “First Woman of the Year,” and the First Women to Qualify for Jury Duty in Dade County.


The “Ersaline Carroll” Chapter of Future Teachers of America at Dade High School was named in her honor.  She was the Chapter Mother of the Future Homemakers at Dade High School for 15 years.  Prior to going to Marietta she served as president and secretary of the Dade County Education Assn


She is a member of the Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority and has served as president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and district historian of the Georgia Alpha Pi Chapter of the Alpha Delta Kappa.  On July 31, she will attend the international convention of the sorority in Kansas City, Mo.


Mrs. Carroll was a delegate to National Education Assn., and National Classroom Teachers.  She was the first president of the North West  Georgia Council of International Reading Assn.


In 1967 Mrs. Carroll was a delegate to National Education Assn. and National Classroom Teachers at Minneapolis, Minnesota, and a delegate to the Georgia Education Assn. from Cobb County for three years.


In 1966-67 she was secretary of the Wesleyan Service Guild of the First Methodist in Marietta.


Prior to her leaving Marietta Mrs. Carroll was honored at tea  by the faculty of the J.J. Daniell Junior High School and was presented a gift of silver and the following tribute to her service:


“Mrs. Carroll, our school will be lonesome without your smiling face.  We know that you have taught many years, and you leave with good grace.  If stars were put in your crown for all the good deeds you’ve done, Daniel, would look like the Fourth of July, with light enough for the sun.  From Park Street School you came to us, originally from the Gerogia Hills.”


“When we gather again in September, we will wish you were with us still.  But you have earned the right to rest, no more students to turn your hair gray.”


“We want you to know we love you and wish that you could stay.  As both teacher and principal you’ve always done well.  How many times you’ve used a paddle, only your students could tell.”


“If more of us were like you, this world would be better we’re sure.”


“Because to us, like Ivory, you are 99 and 44/100th percent pure.” – by Gib Smith


A tree was planted at the school in memory of Mrs. Ersaline Carroll.




(Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.)

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