James Craig was born 1819 and died July 6, 1900.


He fought in the Civil War.


He was married to Annie Brumley, who was born in 1804 and died January 26, 1886. Their children were: 1-Peggie, 2-Ellias, born in 1829 and died Aug. 22, 1863. (Note these dates were taken from grave markers in Brown’s Gap Cemetery). There is also an Eli Craig who was born Sept. 22, 1824, and died Jan. 3, 1891. He might be a brother of James.


Peggie Craig was married to William Brown who fought in the Civil War, and who was a brother to Andy Brown. Their children were: 1-Martha Jane who married Tom Wheeler, 2-Bill, 3-Ellen, who married Hugh A. Price, 4-Isaac was married to Mary Wilkerson.


Martha Jane Craig married Tom Wheeler. Their children were: 1-Houston who married Nan Wallace, 2-Nan who married Joe Tatum, 3-Floyd, 4-Elias, 5-Ella who married Tom Wallace, 6-Brown who married Lizzie Keith, 7-Tom who married Allie Hale and

8-Bessie who married Pete Newby.


Cartwright married Betsy Kirby. Their children were: 1-Haley who married Betsy Kirby. Their children were Haley who married Eli Craig, 2- Nancy who married Isaac Craig and 3-Martha Dean who married Andrew Brown, who died in 1916.


Most of the above information came from Aunt Bet Daniel.


She said that Isaac Craig bought a farm and willed it to Ellen Craig.


Houston Wheeler married Nan Wallace. Their children were: 1-Isaac, 2-Joe, 3-Vernon, 4-Terrill, 5-Fred, 6-Ben, 7-I.H., Jr., 8-Bonnie, 9-Katherine, and 10-May.


The Brown Gap Cemetery was donated by James also the church and property adjoining.


Information given by Budgie Craig. (Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981)

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