George W. Cureton succeed his father in the operation of the “Cureton Mill” complex. Later he built and operated the “Fox Mountain Distillery” at Rising Fawn and a bonded wholesale warehouse in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The latter operation was liquidated upon passage of the Prohibition Amendment in 1919, (Proclaimed Jan. 19, 1919). The mill complex continued in operation until the mid 1930’s. He also served several terms in both the House of Representatives and the senate of the Georgia Legislature.


George W. Cureton married (1) Mattie Christian (1853-1880) 5-6-74

            Winifred Lillian Cureton Single.

            Walter William Cureton married Katherine F. Quigley;

Children: Julia and Marian.

            May Irene Cureton single (See “Woman of the Year Citation”)

            Mattie Winifred Cureton Married Matthew Harris;

Children: M. Lovell and F. Lanier (Twins), Lean May, Eleanor Cureton, Matthew Christian and Wendell Harris.

            George W. Cureton married (2) Judith Christian no children.

            George W. Cureton married (3) Bonnie Stedman.

            Lillia Cureton married Chafin Stroud – no children.

            Elizabeth Frances Cureton (Bess) Single.

            Edna Christian Cureton married William Dunlap Jacoway;

Children: Bonnie, Edna, Wescott, Mary.

            Grace Darling Cureton married Bedford A. Lampkin;

Children: Bedford A. 11 and Elizabeth. (Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senioro Volunteer Program, 1981)

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