The Hatfield family history was traced back to 1740 by Glenn’s oldest child, Lucille, in 1968 at which time she made pictorial and statistical albums for her sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews.


Albert Lee (born 6-26-1870) married Martha Jane Tatum (born 4-27-1872). Their children are listed below with grandchildren in parenthesis.


Elah married Russ Tinker (Roland, Reece, Juanita Foster, Betty Carter, Evelyn Miller).


Ina married Bob Blevins (Clifton, Clayton and Virginia Lewis).


Glenn married Bonnie Castleberry (Lucille Price, James, Sarah Delzell, Polly Crawford, Ann Moley, Barbara Holland, and Grover Long).


Dennie married Olah Jackson (Lena Chambless).


Edna married Conred Payne (W. C. Gordon Lee, Felix Freddie, Gene, Joyce Morrison, Leonard, and Larry).


Grace married Ralph Williams (Martha Griffin, Kathleen Campbell, Eddie and Marshall).


Ruth married Jack Pryor (Thelma Case, Charles, and Grace Kervin).


Gordon married Mildred High(Jerry Hatfield). (Used by permission DADE COUNTY GEORGIA HISTORY by Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.)

  1. Sue Moreland

    My name is Sue Moreland. My grandmother was a Hatfield. She was the daughter of Swafford Hatfield and Alice Redden.
    She was born and raised in Daisy, Tn., on Mowbray Mtn.
    She died in 1989. Her name was Nora Hatfield and she married Grover Dagnan, my grandfather. he died in 1918.
    Sue Moreland

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