The family of Holmes who moved to Dade County came from around Huntsville, Alabama from the community of New Hope. The first one in this county was James Calvin who was born in 1828 in Alabama. His children were all born in Georgia, the earliest around 1852. He married Emily Carolyn Tanner who was born in Georgia in 1835. Her father, Thomas L. Tanner, and his wife, Jane McKinsey, are listed in the 1840 Dade County census. Among Calvin and Emily’s children were Emily Elizabeth, Laura, and Julia who married the Lea brothers (see Lea family). One son was William M., father of many Dade residents.


His oldest son, William Conrad, was a photographer in Dade County in the first half of this century. He had two daughters, Gladys married a Davis and had four children – Helen, Don, Arlene, and Joy. Connie Ann was his daughter by his second wife Lily.


Clara married Lee Clouse and had three daughters, Zelma married Robert Fuller and has two sons, Ronnie and Lee. Dora Bell married Nick Ferrari. Lila Ruth married Nick Hovan and has two children John Conrad and Nicki Lynn.


Roy, the third child, never married.


Charlton L. had two sons – Elbert, whose wife was Jane Bible and son was Milton and J.

C. who married Joyce Castleberry and has two children, Kimberly and Brian.


Tily married Jessie Morgan and had one son, Edward who owns Holmes Tractor. He married Dolpha Buffington and they have two children, Teresa and Edward.


Dora, married Robert Forester and had one son Curtis and two grandchildren, Darrell and Cheryl.


The youngest son was Gray.


Calvin and Emily had a number of other children, Newton, lived in Dade County, had children Earl and Pearl, Eula and Sula, and Roy and Troy. They also had children Louiza, Mary, Leroy, Jane and more. (Used by permission DADE COUNTY GEORGIA HISTORY, by Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.)

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