James Cooper Nisbet was born in Macon, Georgia, September 26, 1839. He was educated in the preparatory schools of Rome, and was a graduate of Oglethorpe University in 1858. Following this he and his brother John W., came to Dade County where they had acquired a large 3000 acre stock farm, two miles south of Rising Fawn, “Cloverdale.”


He organized company H., 21st Regiment and served as its Captain in the civil war and then as Colonel of the 66th Ga. Infantry. During this time he commanded a Brigade after the death of General Claudius C. Wilson at Chickamauga.


He was married to Miss Mary E. Young of Charlotte, North Carolina in 1866. She died ten years later, and in 1882 he married Louise Wingfield Bailey of Columbus, Ga. He was the father of four daughters and a son.


In 1902 he moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee where he died May 20, 1917 after a prolonged illness. He was the author of a book, “four years on the Firing Line.”


Some time later the house and the remaining farmland was owned and occupied by P. H. Riordain and family until his death. The Riordain’s had two sons and two daughters. The remains of this home built about 1835 still stand on the property, now owned by G. V. Green. It has not been occupied in many years. (Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA by Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.)

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