John Watson Murphy was born January 29, 1896. His ancestors came to Dade County before Civil War. John’s parents moved from Egypt Hollow, Georgia, near Whiteside, Tennessee, to Stewart Town near Byrd’s Chapel and reared their family there


John was treasurer of Dade County from 1940 to 1948. He was tax collector from 1952 until he retired in 1972.


John P. Murphy was born October 13, 1848; C. Q. Murphy was born October 22, 1950;  M.E.E. Murphy was born December 5, 1855; Q.R. Murphy, Jr. was born November 9, 1915; Marion Coen Murphy was born January 18, 1919; Nancy Elizabeth Murphy was born April 13, 1875; Joseph William Murphy was born September 16, 1877; Albert Richison Murphy was born January 9, 1880; Walter Murphy was born November 30, 1881; Quillian Rufus Murphy was born March 25, 1884; Sallie Matilda Murphy was born September 13, 1889; Mary Edwina Murphy was born July 1, 1892; Zenophen Benne Murphy was born December 31, 1877; Gertrude Murphy was born April 2, 1912; married March 17, 1931.




Albert Richison Murphy died December 20, 1880; Walter Murphy died September 11, 1884; Martha Ann Murphy died April 14, 1885; John P. Murphy died September 4, 1920; Joseph Varnell Stewart died February 13, 1923; Virginia Elizabeth Stewart Murphy died March 19, 1930; Sallie Matilda Murphy died February 10, 1908; (Uncle Joe died March 12, 1957) just as written in Bible; William I. Stewart died October 15, 1921; Matilda Pittman died October 15, 1921; L. B. Burnett died May 10, 1920.(Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA by Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981).

  1. Janet Parker Jones

    I am trying to find information on one of the Parker families in Dade County. I believe my great grandfather, Franklin S. or Samuel Frank Parker was married to Mary Malissa Doyle and his father, Loranzy or Lorensa D. Parker was married to Ellender Murphy; however, I cannot find any information on them as Frank was living with the George Murphy family in 1860 and his brother George W. Parker was with the William Murphy family. If anyone has any information regarding these Parkers & their Murphy or Doyle connection, I would appreciate a response.
    Thank you,

  2. verenicehawkins

    In a book I have in 1860 George Parker was 7 and living with William 33 and Sarah 29 Murphy. They had Julia 5 and Joseph 2. They were living at Running Water Tennessee. William was a Methodist minister. They were next door to Joseph and Elizabeth age 69 and 47. They had 8 children. George is with them in1870. There are still Murphy and Doyle families living in Dade County I think at that time Running Water was part in Dade and part in Tennessee.

  3. Larry Murphy

    I am a descendant of William and Sarah. My grandfather was Joseph and Julia was married to Cooper Doyle. I have the same census information stated above but was never sure how the Parkers were related. Not sure I have a lot on the Parkers. I would appreciate any additional information you might have on the Murphys.

  4. verenicehawkins

    There are several Murphys living here in Dade at this time.

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