Mr. L. C. Adams came to Dade County as County Agricultural Agent in 1942. He served continuously in that position for 27 years. He retired November 1, 1969. He was born and reared on a farm in Hart County. He attended public schools in that county and graduated from high school at Athens, Georgia in Clark County. He received his BSA from the University of Georgia in 1937. He was employed with the ASC in Polk County prior to coming to Dade County. Mr. Adams was a member of the Georgia county Agents Association, Epsilon Sigma Phi, Alumni Association, University of Georgia College of Agriculture, Dade County Farm Bureau, Dade County Lions Club, Dade County Development corporation and the Northwest Georgia Economic Opportunity Authority. Mr. Adams served as president of the Development Corporation for a number of years and as chairman of the Board of the Northwest Georgia Economic Opportunity Authority. During Mr. Adams’ tenure as County Agricultural Agent he served the people of Dade County well. He promoted Adult and Youth Education Programs. He promoted an Extensive Soil Testing Campaign, and Outstanding forestry Program and an Extensive Beef Production Program. A large number of adults and 4-H Club members were members of the Georgia 100 Bushel corn Club during his years as County Agent. A continuous and effective 4-H Club Program was carried on by Mr. Adams and his associates. Many boys and girls were given the opportunity to develop leadership and skills in various projects. He used a number of adults in conducting the youth activities and demonstrated that involving others was a key to success. Mr. Adams was a great promoter and never took credit for the work that he did or for the accomplishments derived from his work…when this would be brought to his attention and others would stand up and take the bows, he would smile and say, “It’s my aim in life to promote others to action.” He was very effective in his ability to involve people, both individuals and groups. He was active in all civic activities for the improvement of Dade County and the surrounding area.


Mr. Adams had a “calling” to do the work that he did – just as sure as any dedicated minister ever had. He was sure of this. He was called upon by a teacher to write his biography. He was very young and had much of his life before him and therefore did not have much to write about. His last paragraph was very outstanding in that it said, “When my life comes to a close I hope that people can say, ‘His Life Amounted To Something.’” Mr. Adams died on July 25, 1979, and it is truly believed that people have said that his life amounted to something.


Lawrence W. Konrad, a native of Rising Fawn, Georgia has been Executive Director of Northwest Georgia Economics Opportunity, Inc. since July of 1971. This LaFayette based organization has branch offices in Dade, Walker, Chattooga and Catoosa counties. The Head Start program for pre-school children is also administered by this agency. Mr. Konrad is president of the Georgia Community Action Association, which is a state-wide organization. He served as president for three years. He is at present chairman of the governing Board of the Primary Health Care Center of Dade, Inc. Mr. Knorad is married to the former Diane

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