Thought by many to have been one of the most impressive and appropriate ceremonies ever held in Dade County and area, was the dedication of the monument in memory of servicemen of Dade County who lost their lives in action.


The monument, located on the lawn, east side of the courthouse, was a project sponsored by the local American Legion and Ladies Auxiliary, Post 106.  The dedication ceremonies were held Sunday afternoon, beginning at 2:00.


Attorney John Campbell was master of ceremonies and introduced the various participants in the program.


Following the invocation, which was given by the Rev. Herb Wilson, pastor of Trenton Baptist Church, Ernie Rutledge, Legion Commander, Seventh Congressional District, and Elbert Forester, Editor of The Dade County Sentinel, spoke briefly.  Each highly praised the members of the local Legion Post and Auxiliary for not only this project, but the several others during the past.  They also paid special tribute to the organizations for earning state-wide recognition for their outstanding work in community affairs and programs related to veteran’s affairs and activities.


Senator Nathan Dean, of the 31st Senatorial District, Rockmart, was the principal speaker for the occasion.  He is serving his 13th year as a member of the Georgia General Assembly, and his stirring twenty-minute address, held the close attention of the large crowd.  His speech was themed to the first war veterans of our nation and the signing of the Declaration of Independence.


Presenting the flowers were Mrs. Fred Morgan, World War I; Mrs. Taylor Gentry, World War II; Mrs. Jiles Wooten, Korean War; and Mrs. Clayton Howell, Vietnam War.


In addition to the names of servicemen lost in action from Dade County, also inscribed on the handsome monument are the following words:  “Dedicated for God and Country Nov. 9, 1975, In Memory of Veterans From Dade County Who Offered Their Lives That Liberty, Justice, Freedom and Democracy Might Survive, Erected By American Legion and Auxiliary, Post 106.”


At either end of the monument are emblems of the Legion and Auxiliary, and at the top is the eternal flame, flanked by stone angles.


In addition to local citizens, families of the honored servicemen, members  of  Post 106 and the Auxiliary, those present included Legionnaires and Auxiliary members from Rome, Ringgold, LaFayette, Rossville, and elsewhere.


Members of the newly-elected guard, Post 106, who posted the colors, were Lt. Danny Gass, Cp. Osbie Bethune, Cp. A. J. Atchley, Lt. Bryan Gass, firing squad; Lt. Ernie Keith and Lt. Bill Allen, color guard.


The Rev. Herb Wilson also gave the benediction.


Beginning with George Washington at Valley Forge, his discourse included historical facts back in those days when our great leaders, with Divine guidance, prayed, fought and died in order for us to enjoy the freedom and independence we enjoy today.  At intervals, the speaker challenged the audience by pausing to ask question, “Do you ever take the time to pray?”


“Without many of the blood-stained battlefields, the prayers and foresight of those who have gone on before us, we would not be here today… We would have no freedom… We would not celebrate Independence Day.  We would be slaves to those who sought and continue to seek to destroy the American Way of Life,” he said.


The Senator spoke at ease as he placed much emphasis on prayer and sincere dedication to our communities, our state and our nation, as we face the complex problems that surely are ahead.  “It is our duty and obligation to rededicate ourselves from day to day and carry on the lofty principles and fundamentals of truths for which so many have paid the supreme penalty,” he added.


Senator Dean pointed to the local Legion Post and Auxiliary with a great deal of pride and satisfaction; stating that Post 106 was not the largest Post in the State, but truly, was one of the most deserving of honor and special tribute for the outstanding work and achievements at all levels.



The Senator’s speech and the remarks by others were well received, and as put by one non-veteran: “This has been a great event, and we should all realize as never before, just how much our American Legion Post and Auxiliary mean to our county and state.”


The program, which was presented with no delays, as though it was rehearsed, included the lighting of an eternal flame atop the monument by Fred. A. Morgan, first commander of Dade County Post 106; presentation of colors by the Post 106 color guard; a gun salute by a crack drill team from Post 5 in Rome and the Presentation of red, white and blue flowers by representatives of the Ladies Auxiliary, Post 106, each of whom laid a bouquet at the base of the monument under each of the plaques engraved with servicemen’s names.







Mrs. A. J. Atchley, Auxiliary president, read the names of those being honored as follows:  World War – Frank Castleberry, Sam G. Hays, Henry Harris and William W. Smyth; World War II – Pvt. Amon Adkins, Sgt. Harvey N. Bradford, Pvt. Farris L. Dean, Pvt. William J. L. Daniel, Pvt. Thomas C. Davis, Sgt. Elmer C. DeVrise, Pvt. Harold D. Guffey, Tec./5 Albert E. Hope, Pvt. Henry H. Hutcherson, Se./2C William L. Johonson, P.F.C. George Massey, Sea./1C James Donald Pike, Sgt. James C. Price, Tec/5 Hugh W. Rives, Sea. 1/2C Morgan M. Wood and 1/Lt. Charles J. Woolbright; Korean War – Cpl. Horace R. Fisher; Vietnam War – SPC.2 James L. Clark, E/6 William H. Martin, P.F.C. Waymon Parker and CPL. John A. Shaw.



Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.

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