The McMahan Family came to Dade County when Edmund Francis McMahan arrived in Rising Fawn around 1870. He met and married Anna McBryar. Three sons were born of this union: Asa Alexander, George Cureton “Jim,” and Charlie Sanford.


This is a history of the Asa McMahan Family – Asa worked for the Cureton Family and also for the Tatum Family in a general store. He attended classes on his lunch hour and at night to obtain a fair education. He bought property and a small house right in the “hear of town” at the age of 17. Six years later he brought his bride, Cecile Hitt of Lincoln, Ala., to this small house.


Asa eventually went into the grocery and filling station business with Luther Allison while Cecile took the children and became the First Lady Farmer in Dade County. She was also interested in education and made “stump speeches” and all that was necessary to get the first high school in Dade County.


Asa and Cecile became the parents of eight children – 4 boys and 4 girls. They are: Thelma, Donovan Alexander, Mary Clara, Ruth Ophelia, Henrietta White, Asa Leonard, and Charles Edward and Joseph.


Thelma died at the age of 24 and Joseph at the age of 60.


The parents, Asa died at age 56 and Cecile died at the age of 92 ½ on Christmas Day 1980. Their descendants now number six living children, twenty-one grandchildren, thirty-six great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren. (Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA by Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.)

  1. verenicehawkins

    I have been working on this book and have enjoyed it. I have known McMahans for years. I went to school with Jack and GW at Valley Head Al. I now live in Rising Fawn. I have known Sonny for a long time, I know Charles. He lived here on Cloverdale Road. Did you know his house burned last Thursday? His wife was killed in the fire. He got some burns but not bad but it burned every thing they had. I just talked to my neighbor who is 85. She remembers your mother but did not know where she had gone. She remembered Dick Morgan and Ed Morgan lived next door to her at one time . I knew Mrs. Cecil before she died. I used to see Cece when she taught at Davis School. Verenice Hawkins

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