New England was originally referred to as “Morrison’s Switch” for the terminus of the Southern Railwsy


The community was named “New England City” in 1889, as a result of a land investment promotion. The New England Land company was farmed by a group of investors from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, for the purpose of combining iron ore and coal mining and manufacturing, with a healthful, beautiful city.


Pioneers in the ares, William Granville Morrison, Herschel V. Taylor and John McMahan had been mining iron ore from the hills in the eastern section of the community. Thomas Cummings operated a coal mine in the western section on Sand Mountain. Mr. Morrison and Mr. Taylor, also, operated a steam sawmill on Lookout Creek east of New England.


The period of history referred to by “Old Timers” as the “Boom Days,” began with a trip to the New England States by the following men: William Granville, Morrison, Hershel V. Taylor, Dr. T.J. Lumpkin, Thomas Cummings, John McMahan, Nathan W. Cole, Dr. W.P. Dokins and G. J. McCollum.


Followint their visit investors came to lay out New England City, with sites for manufacturing, business schools, church parks and residential sections.


Houses were built by the New England Land Company for ($1500.00) fifteen hundred dollars. Six of these houses remain. They are the Thomas Cummings House – owner Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Fergueson, Bob Wilson house, owner, Mr. Kessler and Dr. T.J. Lumpkin house, Kenneth Brown, owner, Dr. Dazier House, owner Pearl Blevins, Holmes House, owner George Lawson and H.V. Taylor House, owner Mr. ans Mrs. George Crumley.


Three older houses are still in liveable condition. The “Bud” Taylor House, 1870 belongs to John Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Granville Murton live in the Lawson Taylor House built in 1845, Mr. and Mrs. Hardee Prpice are the present owners of the Noah Killian House built in 1875.


Two hotels, the Stevens House and Hotel State of Dade, were built in addition to a railway station, business buildings, a bank and office building.


W.G. Morrison built a beautiful three story house prior to his marriage to Allie Hassel Brock, daughter of Dr. William Brock and Nancy Taylor Brock, on November 13, 1889. The family lived here until 1908, when they moved to a farm on Lookout Creek near Trenton.


All the lumber for these house and probably the New England Land Company houses was provided by the Morrison and Taylor steam sawmill. The Morrison House changed owners four times before being destroyed by fire in 1969.(Used by permission History of Dade County, Georgia Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.)

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