The earliest families of New Salem were: Boatmans, Driggs, Prices and Warrens. Then by looking at the school picture of 1904 you can see the majority was Bradfords, Grays, McKaigs, Masseys and Moores. Afterwards the Fulghums, Matthews, Tripplets, Martins, Adkins, McCauleys, Logans, McGuffeys and Neals.


Most definitely William Alexander Moore was a leading citizen. I Remember when he was superintendent of Sunday School, a teacher, in charge of the school system at New Salem and owner of what is now Cloudland Canyon State Park. His descendants make up a great majority of the residents of New Salem at the present time.


In the early 1900’s Mr. Charlie Chambers was a definite asset to the community. He walked daily to teach school there. Also Miss Nell and Miss Queenie were teachers there. Mr. and Mrs. Art Moore were also teachers.


The first school bus to travel from New Salem to Dade County High School was in 1934-36. Some of the first riders were Sherman, Mildred, Etheline, Rollie, Ollie and Lola Moore; Russel and Ernestine Oneal, Cecil and Dessie McKaig, Wilma Bradford, Cecil Adkins and Maureen McCauley.


Mr. Art Moore walked many miles getting petitions signed and pleading for a way for New Salem children to be able to attend school without having to leave home to do so. Cecil McKaig was the driver of the bus, a covered pick-up truck, and it went via Rising Fawn.(Used by permission History of Dade County, Georgia Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981.)

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