At the close of the Mighty Seventh War Loan drive, June 30, 1917 Dade County’s patriotic citizens had purchased $40,575.00 “E” Bonds, or 312.1 percent above our quota.


Since reporting sales of $40,275.00 as of June 28, Postmaster W. H. Brock reports the sale of three $100.00 “E” Bonds, and the purchase of these Bonds will continue regularly for some time to come.


The total sale of “E” Bonds – $40,575.00 – does not include purchases being made by hundreds of citizens who are employed in war industries in Chattanooga, who purchase Bonds regularly through the payroll system.  Chattanooga and Hamilton county, Tennessee, get credit for these purchases, depriving Dade County proper credit; but even with this loss we made a record that should fill every patriotic citizen in our county with pride.


There is little reason to believe this record will be equaled by any county or city in Georgia, and if there is any prize to be awarded for the highest percentage of sale, Dade County will surely win.


To Postmaster and Mrs. W. H. Brock a large portion of credit should be given for the splendid success of the Mighty Seventh War Loan drive. They worked like trojans during their hours at the Trenton Post Office, and on the night of our big Bond Rally, they devoted several hours at efficient work, under dim lights, receiving applications and issuing Bonds to the many patriotic citizens who were so freely purchasing them.


As has been so often demonstrated, Dade County can do great things in a big way, and we as citizens of little Dade (no longer “The Independent State of Dade”), have just cause to feel proud of our success. (Used by permission, HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981)

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