Lora Lake Fugatt Parson was born in Dade County across Lookout Creek directly in front of the present home of Reed Ryan. Her parents were Bill and Tennie Fugatt. They had eight children, four girls and four boys. Her sisters were Mattie, Pearl and Addie. Her brothers were N. E. (Bus), Thomas, Calvin (Bob), and Newman (Sam). Her grandparents were Davis Jones and Dicey Tanner. They were also born at the foot of Lookout Creek.


The Tanners and the Fugatts came from Virginia. They came in a wagon train. They came through the settlement that became known as Chattanooga. They lived upon Lookout Mountain for a while and made their way down the mountain which had no roads at this time. Her great-grandfather Tanner settled where Trenton is now located. He later bought some land on Lookout Creek at what later became known as the Holmes place.


Her grandfather and grandmother Fugatt came to Dade County in an ox cart.


Her grandfather Tanner bought land from the Indians for ten cents an acre. All the land here was in timber, none was in cultivation at this time. The Indians helped her grandfather clear the land where he built a log house on the creek. I have been in that house many times. The Tanners had seven children, five girls and two boys. One of the boys was killed in the war between the north and south.


Food was scarce in those days, especially salt. They went to Stevenson, Alabama in a buckboard pulled by a jenny to get salt for their families. Most all families had a flock of geese from which got feathers to make their feather beds.


Her grandmother died in 1914 between the age of sixty and seventy.


Information given by Lora Lake Fugatt Parson.(Used by permission HISTORY OF DADE COUNTY GEORGIA by Retired Senior Volunteer Program, 1981).

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